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Collaging With the Provo Cricut

Provocraft cutting machines have long been popular with the paper craft communities. From card making to scrapbooking, the range of things you that can do with these fast, accurate and flexible machines is virtually limitless, and there are dozens of resources online to help with your craft projects. Something that’s no so well-explored, however, is the range of more arty things that you can do with your Provo Cricut machine – although every craft project is a work of art in itself, of course!

So, perhaps you’ve decided that you want a new challenge, or you want to try something different with your Provo Cricut. Or maybe you’re just getting started, and you want to play around with your Provo Cricut to get the feel of it. In either case, collaging could be just the thing for you.

First of all, gather some source material together. This can be:

junk mail
wrapping paper

or any interestingly colored, patterned or textured paper stock that you have to hand, and which will fit into your Provo Cricut machine.

Begin A Project Using The Cricut Expression And Cricut Cartridges

Create new projects using a Cricut expression and Cricut cartridges. They can be purchased together, or separately. Having a variety of cartridges will allow you access to many shapes and pattern styles. Using the machine, you can also play around with the sizes of the fonts and patterns. Using the machine is a simple process. Instead of cutting images out by hand, one at a time, you can just place the paper into the machine and choose an image you want cut out. Just press start and watch as your selected image is finished right before your eyes. The die cutting machine is so versatile. It can cut vinyl, paper, and even fabric. Almost any design can be purchased on a cartridge. You can buy anything from Disney to animals to fancy lettering. All of the images and monograms are neatly stored on your cartridges. Paper crafting is a lot more fun using this die cutter machine. Think about making anything from an easy craft project to a more complex one. From scrapbooks to custom calendars, this machine can do almost anything. Make birthday cards, invitations and baby shower announcements in a matter of minutes. This machine will help you achieve professional results without spending hours at the craft table. Now you can get a lot more crafting done in a shorter amount of time. With so many different cartridges available, your possibilities are endless. People that don’t usually do scrap booking have remarked about the ease of using this product. You will enjoy how easy it is to start crafting using this machine. This is a great product to bring the family together, as well. Perfect for almost any age, kids will enjoy making projects with you, too. Think about how much easier it will be to make school projects. Now you can get your kids involved by crafting with you. Using the die cutter, you can make posters and banners for special occasions. Decorate your classroom or bulletin boards in record time. Think of the professional signs you can make, too. You can achieve a professional look when making vinyl letters. All types of paper and card stock can be purchased at your local craft store. There are so many different colors and patterns available. Using the Cricut expression and Cricut cartridges can save you time and money. Many people are enjoying the benefits of scrap booking. It can be very rewarding when you make your own personalized cards and invitations. Sit back, relax, and let the creative process begin!

Cricut – An Overview

Cricut has long been a famous brand under the works of Provo Craft. A lot of people have long forgotten the art of scrapbooking and paper cutouts, as individuals delve into the new world of digital art and makeovers. Fortunately, there are still companies like Cricut, who has high regard when it comes to the traditional forms of arts and crafts. For more than forty years, Provo Craft was able to provide some of the most stunning works of art inspired by the most brilliant sources of creativity. Being an international manufacturer, the makers of Cricut have slowly expanded to different parts of the globe, providing unlimited opportunities for many artists and merchants. With its commitment to provide only the best in the field of arts and crafts, Cricut was able to launch some of the most remarkable materials that are considered to be the must-have collection for every craftsman.

One of the most popular of the Cricut products is the Cricut cutter machine. By installing a cartridge into the cutter, various shapes and designs can be made by any avid crafts worker. A lot of men and women save a lot of money for this device given its extensive aid when it comes to designing. There are also those who prefer to use the Cricut Expression line that delves in more elaborate patterns, including silk screens and the use of vinyl and card stock. All machines are also using the cartridges made by Cricut in order to come up with various motifs and outlines.

Cricut Expression Review

Already winning tons of awards, glowing reviews, and high accolades the new Cricut Expression machine is a huge success. Provo Craft has struck it out of the ballpark with this one, and paper craft enthusiasts everywhere can’t wait to get their hands on one of these babies. What does the Expression machine do exactly? And why are they so popular?

The original Cricut and the new Expression both are very popular die cutting machines. The cut paper, vinyl, cardstock, silk screens, and much more. There is so much you can do with this machine, the possibilities are endless. There are more than 50 different Cricut Cartridges to choose from and each has hundreds of different shapes and designs to choose from.

The new Cricut Expressions machine differs from it’s predecessor in that it has a lot more power and options. It can handle paper stock that is twice the size of the original bug. All the parts are interchangeable so there is no worries about using your old cartridges or cutting knife blades. The Expression machine can also do multiple cuts for thicker materials like vinyl and chipboard. The LCD screen also lets you view your design before you print and cut it, saving you painful mistakes and making sure you get the most out of your paper space.

Cricut Storybook Cartridge

Voted 5 stars by every commentator on Amazon, the Cricut Storybook Cartridge is one of the most popular and useful Cricut cartridges on the market.

The cartridge contains a beautiful array of letters, numbers and icons in a lovely font. There are also added phrases which really are handy.

The Cricut storybook cartridge is one of the most versatile and practical because the style is excellent for scrapbooking and card making as well. Since it is in a storybook style it is particularly useful for everything linked to children and babies. So if you are creating a scrapbook with pages regarding your kids or creating a Christening greetings card this cartridge ought to be your number one selection.

The icons contain scrolls, swirls, plants, birds and butterflies which are so valuable for decorating scrapbook pages or greetings cards. In fact this cartridge would be functional in all sorts of paper craft projects.

The letter fashion is in the style of a storybook and suggestive of infant ABC blocks. The print is extremely good-looking and adds that ‘special something’ to any infant/family related project. Also there are a few very valuable pre-ready phrases and words such as ‘Girl’, ‘Boy’, ‘Thank-you’, ‘to’, ‘from’, ‘and’, ‘the’.