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Episode 281 Goodie Bags with the Cricut Imagine using Bubblegum Stripes and Imagine More Cards

A quick and simple goodie bag project for the last day of school using the Cricut Imagine! More tutorials and videos at mypinkstamper.com. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

25 Responses to “Episode 281 Goodie Bags with the Cricut Imagine using Bubblegum Stripes and Imagine More Cards”

  • momoof2 says:

    wow you have been doing these goodie bags for the kids school for a long time huh? hope they enjoy them.
    what do you do if a parent says their child cant have candy? or if they have food allergies? my five yr old starts school next yr and we have already been told “NO peanut butter” because of other kids allergies! I hope I can still make things like this for her class.

  • mosertube2010 says:

    @robynstamps You are such a sweet, kind hearted woman… Now you got me wanting to make treat bags for my kids class mates. You have a good soul…we all could learn something from you besides the awesome scrapping you do! Keep up the wonderfull work. I enjoy being inspired by you creatively and humanly. :)

  • naenaetaylor says:

    @Myrrhmade Im not speeking for her, but i reckon she must be! she is super sweet and you can see the light in her aye! No doubt we will know when we get to the lords house! maybe we can hang ha ha lol.

  • naenaetaylor says:

    I really would like one of those stands from hobby lobby but dont know the name or what the are called? Can anyone help Pretty please? ; )

  • hippiechick1807 says:

    How darlin’! What a simple and cute project! The more I watch your videos the more I want the Imagine, lol! Thanks Robyn! Have a spectacular day. :)

  • Myrrhmade says:

    @atticus9799 Thank you! Is it the same quality and color that Cricut uses? Robyn comments (above) that the inks Cricut uses are specially made.

  • Myrrhmade says:

    @mosertube2010 Thank you for the info! :)

  • Myrrhmade says:

    @robynstamps Wow, what a great heart you have Robyn! Are you a Christian?

  • 4591mazda says:

    So So so Cute. Great Job

  • vakev8 says:

    Great job. We do cello bags for our trick-or-treaters, we get over 1000 kids…it’s a historic area..they close the street to cars, etc. One year I made a tag for each bag. My sister thought I was nuts that the kids could care less. The next year one child came running up yelling to his friends “Come on this was the house with the bags!” Now we make the extra effort every year. Love you do it for your kids classes. Sometimes it’s the little things!

  • mcg267 says:

    So, so, so cute. You’re really making me wish I was able to have my own business and a family at the same time. Good for you for doing what you love! :)

  • robynstamps says:

    The ink actually lasts a long time. The ink is very reasonable and the same price that I pay for my other printer’s ink.

  • robynstamps says:

    I’ve spoken with PC about this and it is not the same formula of ink. HP has designed special ink just for the Cricut Imagine. I can totally see the difference from my regular ink jet printer, too.

  • robynstamps says:

    I love making goodie bags because it is a way that I can serve my children’s classmates and show them love. Not everyone receives gifts like that at home so if I can, in some way, show them a bit of love I am happy to do it no matter how long it takes me.

  • robynstamps says:

    That will not work with the Imagine cartridges. These are specially formulated inks for scrapbooking.

  • atticus9799 says:

    @Myrrhmade Check out your local Walgreens, they refill ink carts at the photo lab for like $5.00! I didn’t know this until recently and boy what a find.

  • pigglet4822 says:

    Very cute Robyn. Hugs Paige ♥

  • craftroomcreations says:

    Thanks for the autofill how to’s! I just got my Imagine. And thanks for sharing that you love the smell of stamps, I do too! How you find time to make all those goodie bags and share a video with us is amazing! Thanks!

  • wikatone says:

    super cute! :o)

  • kymmer116 says:

    I am soooo getting this cartridge!!!!!

  • sizzle2028 says:

    and thats the difference between robyn and you… she is caring and would go that extra mile just for kids

  • mosertube2010 says:

    That had to be a lot of work and costly. I hope everyone appreciated it!!!! I don’t think I would do that for a bunch of kids who would just see candy and throw everything else away. Lol. But to each their own. Thanks for the video. Great idea for treats for the troops. Happy memorial day!

  • mosertube2010 says:

    To Myrrhmade : go to an office store ( I like Staples) and you can get ink refill kits to refill you carts up to 6 times and only pay $19. Better than the $40-$60 Cricut wants to charge for theirs.

  • Myrrhmade says:

    Thanks for your videos. I love watching them. How costly is it to re-ink your Cricut Imagine? How long does the ink last?

  • MsJaay101 says:

    This project is too cute! TFS.

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