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How to link a Cartridge to Cricut Craft Room CCR

I show you how to link a Cricut Cartridge to Cricut Craft Room, so you can use it without loading your cartridges each time- www.pinkcricut.com.

two projects using Artiste and Mini Books cartridge.
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16 Responses to “How to link a Cartridge to Cricut Craft Room CCR”

  • Sarah Hamer says:

    No you can’t - it can only be linked to one account.

  • fr8069 says:

    Can you link cartridges to a new account if your friends has already done so ???

  • Sarah Hamer says:

    So glad it helped!! :)

  • alilee73 says:

    I’ve been going crazy all morning, pouring over the Cricut website and your video was what successfully walked me through the process. They should pay you! I thought the cartridge would magically be detected into the “my cartridges” folder and didn’t realize that I had to find the corresponding cartridge in the “all cartridges” folder. Thanks!

  • Gena Brown says:

    There is a faster way! There is a link button below the pictures of what you can cut! All you gotta do is click on it!

  • ScrappinJen31 says:

    I want to use the Create A Critter 2 cart that I recently purchased but CCR is only showing a few of the images……aren’t the carts available in CCR right away?

  • Sarah Hamer says:

    Yes, you can use the Expression with CCR, and you should be able to use the same cable– I don’t have DS, so I am not positive, but- it should be the same cord.


    Hi again Sarah…

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the Cricut mini ~~ guess I will hold off on that one a bit…

    But can you use the Expression in the CCR also…am I able to go into the CCR and use my Expression to cut out the shapes…and can I use my Design Studio cable to connect to the CCR…

    I am soooooooooooooo confused with this stuff…lol…lol…

    Thank you again so much…

    Have a fun summer evening…


  • Sarah Hamer says:

    You can use cartridges in the Mini- and CCR too! :) I like the petite size of the machine too, but I’ve heard there are some problems with them…so I haven’t bought one. Nothing seems to work as well as my original Expression! :)

    The shapes all show up in CCR- for every cartridge but, you can’t CUT them unless your cartridge is linked to it. If it is not linked, it will ask that you insert your cartridge before you cut.

  • VampyRagDoll says:

    Worst software……ever!!!


    2nd Comment:

    Also ~~ do you know if the Cricut Mini takes the same replacement blades like the Cricut Expression does…

    Also ~~ one more thing ~~ lol…lol…can you use the Expression in the CCR also…

    Thank you sooooooooo much…

    Have a fun summer evening…


  • FayRaiDesigns says:

    Thanks for your comments.I am not familiar with the Cricut Create but if the mat is 6×12, you will be able to cut the pages at least up to 6 inches not more than that.

  • Milena da silva says:

    Hi Faye Im thinking of buying the mini books, but I only have the Cricut create. The mat is 6 inches by 12 inches. Im worried that it will only cut very small book. Do you think they will cut using the 12 inches on the mat or only the 6 inches. TFS Milena

  • MrBailey965 says:

    Glad to see someone has finally used this cartridge…mini book. I just purchased it and am totally confused by it… Would you please go into more detail as to how you made the books?
    Would really appreciate it.

  • FayRaiDesigns says:

    Thanks Sherri, that image is from the Artiste Cartridge.

  • Sherri Braun says:

    Great job on your mini album! Can you tell me which cartridge has the fold-over frame that you made to go inside this album? It is just beautiful!!

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