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Start Your Scrap Booking Engines With The New Cricut Expression 2

Being a crafty person has never been simpler with the Cricut Expression 2. This handy-dandy piece of equipment has made it easy and fun to make your personal craft projects unique and personal to your vision. Being as though the Cricut Expression 2 is not the first of its kind (since the 2) the new sleek design and the full color LCD touch screen display with stylus shows its growth with the times. Let's be honest, we do not just like things to work well we also all secretly want it to look good too.

Scrap booking can become more of a creative outlet than a hobby with the many features that the Cricut Expression 2 has to offer. But do not make the mistake of thinking that you are just limited to scrap booking because you can use this for any creative project you are doing or even add to ones that you have already done. With the Cricut the possibilities are limitless!

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Japanese Paper Cutting Is Therapeutic

Japanese paper cutting is one of those creative arts that virtually anyone can enjoy. It can be as basic or intricate as the creator would like and it’s the type of craft that allows the imagination to run free. Known in Japan as “kirigami”, it’s quickly becoming a lost art in the East, while gaining popularity in the West.

With nothing more than a piece of paper and cutting tool, a kirigami artist can create any number of beautiful images and designs. An art that anyone can enjoy, from children through to adults, there are no limits to what can be made. Perhaps only the skill level would hinder work outcome or progress but that quickly improves with more practice, time and experimentation with cuts and tools.

Therapy for the Body and Mind

Japanese paper cutting is also an art that can be very therapeutic for both the body and the mind. Whether it’s done for fun or as an experiment to see how kirigami benefits the body, it’s certainly worth a try for almost anyone.

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The Advantages of Velcro

Velcro has become a simple yet very effective invention that many people have come to rely on. Whilst it is not something you are likely to think about on a day to day basis, people probably use it more than they realise. From clothes to DIY it has a range of different purposes that can help to make life that little bit easier.

Children in particular are likely to find Velcro very helpful because it can assist them with things such as putting their shoes on. If they haven’t learnt how to tie their shoelaces yet then shoes with Velcro straps are a lot more convenient because they can still put their shoes on and take them off without any hassles. This is also more reassuring for parents because they then don’t have to worry that their children are going to trip over their laces because they can’t tie them up when they come undone.

A lot of people prefer Velcro on their clothing instead of zips and buttons as well. This can be for a variety of reasons but on the whole, people find it quicker and easier. Rather than fiddling with buttons and zips trying to get something done up, Velcro is a lot quicker and less fiddly. Again, children will find it a lot easier to use Velcro as well as the elderly who might be very weak or have shaky hands.

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Potpourri With Its Various Benefits

Potpourri includes a combination of oils, leaves, flowers, and various other products based on plants. They are often used to produce a specific or general fragrance in a room. The scent mainly depends on the materials used in making the potpourri. Potpourri adds a pleasant scent or smell to a room, but is usually also appealing to the eye and quite attractive. Potpourri is often arranged in bowls or dishes and placed in central or prominent locations in houses or rooms with the intent of spreading the smell, while providing a touch of aesthetic beauty. Potpourri jars are available for many rooms including the drawing room, guest rooms, kitchen, and etc.

According to many of the earlier practitioners of Eastern medicine, potpourri is essential for making patients tolerate and numb away pain. Just as it is a known fact that the body reacts to stimulation, so a pleasant small can also divert our attention and help us to tolerate pain in the body. The concept of the anesthetic effect of potpourri is the same one held in medicine. Apart from pain and bodily problems, the mesmerizing smell of flowers, oils, and leaves that is potpourri is relaxing and pleasurable.

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Baby Thank You Wording – 4 Thank You Note Samples

Here’s some sample baby thank you wording for after a baby shower, along with notes about the thank you words to fill in for yourself.

Baby Thank You Note Samples For Clothes:

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for [baby’s name] new outfit [article of clothing]. {Baby’s name] will look great in the outfit you got him/her [make sure and mention something about the article of clothing – its color, or material, or a picture if it has a picture of something on it, etc.]. You’ve got great taste!

Thank you so much,

[Your name]

Sample Baby Shower Wording Thank You Note For Money:

Dear [Name]

Thank you so much for your generous gift of money. [It’s generally in bad taste to mention the exact amount.] We used it for/planned to use it for [blank]. [Be sure and mention what you plan to use it for – it really helps the giver to feel appreciated. If you haven’t decided yet, then make your best guess!]

Having a baby can be expensive. Your gift at this time is really appreciated.

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