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Cricut How To: Amazing Creations

Cricut How To
Would you love to create custom scrapbooking layouts or paper crafts? Do you ever wish that you could cut any shape you wanted to and not be bound by the limitations and problems that accompany using punches?

Look no further; the Cricut (pronounced “cricket”) is a revolutionary personal cutting machine, brought to you by the innovators and paper crafting leaders at Provo Craft. The Cricut does not require a computer or any additional hardware, but instead makes use of cartridges to give you abundant choices of die cut shapes and fonts.

The Cricut machine is growing in popularity, but perhaps you are in need of a little Cricut how-to. The Cricut, although complex in its creative possibilities, is a simple machine to use, and a little Cricut how to will certainly go a long way!

Cricut How-To
Our Cricut how to will begin with a basic run-down of how the machine works. The Cricut cutting machine is a portable unit that will conveniently plug into any grounded 110 wall outlet, which is the standard for household outlets.

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Cricut Spatula Tool

Cricut Spatula Tool

When creating cards, scrapbooks, and other paper crafts with the Cricut cutting machine, users will find this spatula tool to be a must-have. The tool features a soft-touch green handle for superior comfort and a secure grip, plus a custom-designed flat metal end for lifting and removing the most intricate paper crafts from the adhesive cutting mat (sold separately). The most popular of all the Cricut tools, the spatula tool measures approximately 7-1/2 by 1 by 1/2 inches.

A spatula tool with green handle. Ideal for lifting images off the Cricut Cutting Mat. Soft-touch tool for superior gripping comfort. Custom designed for lifting and removing the most intricate paper crafts. Length: approximately 7-1/2-inch. Spatula end is metal.

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Making Your Scrapbooking Life Easier With a Cricut Cartridge

Learn more about using a Cricut cartridge…
Do you love creating custom scrapbooking layouts or paper crafts? Do you get tired of searching through craft store after craft store, looking for that perfect set of punches? Are you tired of having to store hundreds of punches so that you’ll have what you need when you need it?

Look no further; there is a Scrapbooking and stamping product for you! The Cricut (pronounced like cricket) is a personal electronic cutting system manufactured by Provo Craft, a leader and innovator in scrapbook materials and designs.
The Cricut is an independent system, which means you don’t need a computer or printer in order to make the Cricut operate. Cricut cartridges are inserted into the Cricut machine so that the user can print out die cuts.
What exactly is a Cricut Cartridge?

A Cricut Cartridge is much like a computer disk or jump drive; it holds and stores die cut information. When you insert a Cricut Cartridge into your Cricut system, you can choose from any of the die cuts saved on that Cricut Cartridge to print out.
Cricut Cartridges come in different themes, such as “Christmas Cheer”, “Disney’s Mickey and Friends”, “Calligraphy”, “Storybook Creations”, and “50 States Cartridge”.

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