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Can I make vinyl clings with a Cricut Expression?

I wonder how to create a vinyl cling (for a car) with a Cricut Expression. We do not know what type of material to be used or how to import the image you want on your computer or anything. total rookie with the Gizmo. Thanks for any help!

Which Cricut cutting cartridge should I buy?

They are very expensive and only buy enough to 1 Ya I have George and basic shapes. Any suggestions Cricut owner?

How To Transfer Vinyl Cut out with Cricut

For this small project I used Blue Painters tape to transfer a vinyl cut out from my Cricut Machine. For more information visit www.aboverubiesstudio.com to learn more about transferring your Vinyl Projects.

Cricut Expression where can I get one on sale?

I want a Cricut Expression, for scrapbooking, someone has to come from good sales this week (black Friday) know? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Cricut 29-0412 Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge

  • Paper doll cutous with accessories and props for all year round
  • 1000s of possible paper doll combinations
  • Cricut shape set
  • 6 Creative features
  • Use with all Cricut machines

Product DescriptionThe Cricut paper doll shape cartridge. . . More >>

Cricut 29-0412 Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge