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Enjoy Scrapbooker With Cricut

Almost everyone wants to dabble on a little creativity sometimes. The problem is that not all are gifted with the artistic prowess. To settle it, you need some tools. For those who are in love with scrapbooking or creating greeting cards, you may want to use Cricut. Cri Cut is actually an electronic cutting machine that is filled with a lot of interesting features. These include more than 200 designs and 12 various sizes for your paper craft. There are also a thousand of images that you can use to add more life.

The Top Reasons Why Cricut Is a Powerful and Recommended Product

In terms of size, Cri Cut is smalland this works to its advantage. It only measures 17 4/5 inches by 9 2/3 inches by 12 8/9 inches. Because it is compact, you can bring the device with you anywhere you go. This is recommended for students who may have to produce impromptu artwork in their school. This will also be ideal for anyone who has nothing else to do. You also do not need to attach the device to any computer, since it is all functions are dependent on the cartridge, which is already part of the package.

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Introducing Smartscrapper.com

SmartScrapper.com is a price comparison site for the scrapbook community with results from the best Scrapbook site’s to date. Currently it displays items from the following: Scrapbook.com, Two Peas in a Bucket, A Cherry on Top, Joann Craft and Fabric plus many more.

If you love to scrapbook plus save money then this site is a must. Always check SmartScrapper.com prior to making a purchase. Just type in the item you are looking for into the search bar. The site will display all the vendors that carry that item and for which price. This site ensures that you are not over paying for something that you could have got for less money.

Also what makes SmartScrapper.com unique and a must for those that purchase scrapbook materials online, is their monthly $100 Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes is absolutely free with no strings attached. It is surrounded by a game of bingo in which you are assigned a card. A number is drawn daily and your card is updated automatically. All you do is check back on a daily basis or whenever you feel like to see if you have bingo. If your card is the first to have bingo you win $100. No not a gift certificate but $100 cash.

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Rent All The Way

A Cricut cartridge is a cartridge you load into a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter, a device that allows you to cut different fonts, shapes, sizes, and other figures from different kinds of paper products. This device does not have to be attached to a computer since it has a user interface panel on it where you can set your own configurations.
Cricut is ideal for scrapbook hobbyists or anybody interested in making his/her own paper craft creations. You don’t need to be good with a pair of scissors since Cricut does the cutting for you. That means, you just have to use your imagination while the device will churn out the cut-out images for you.
Basically, each Cricut cartridge has a specific theme. There’s a Superman cartridge that contains images of Superman, Clark Kent, Luthor, and even Clark’s glasses. There’s the Serenade Solutions cartridge that features images of birds, clouds, trees, and many more. There’s also the Sweet Treats cartridge which includes images of cakes, ice cream, and presents.
You simply select the right image, the size, and the font via the control panel on the Cricut device. Then once the images are churned out, you can combine them on a card, postcard, or a poster to create your own story.
If you want to create a highly customized greeting card for your loved one, nothing beats Cricut cartridges Idaho Falls providers. Residents, who are known for their warm and caring personalities, will find this device a handy tool for creating paper-based presents.
Now, it would be very expensive to purchase a cartridge each time you want a particular image just for one set of cards, right? There are actually shops that offer Cricut cartridge rental services. With a Cricut rental, Idaho Falls folks can spend much less now for a cartridge.
If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, you can simply surf the Web and look for online Cricut rental Idaho Falls providers. Residents will be glad to know that the cartridges they’ve been longing to have is now just a few clicks away. Best of all, they’re much more inexpensive now.

Scrapbook Supplies: Just The Essentials

If you are just starting to search for scrapbook supplies and you are new to this hobby, you may be a little overwhelmed with the number of products that are available. Most scrapbookers start with a few basic supplies, and then add to their collection over time. If you are just getting started, here are the essentials you will need:

Scrapbook Album

There are many different styles and sizes of scrapbook albums. Page protectors are included with many styles. When you shop for an album, look to see if it is three ring binder style or similar style that will let you add additional pages over time.

Card Stock and/or Patterned Paper

Many people use a combination of card stock and patterned paper in their layouts, mixing and matching to create visual interest. Due to its sturdiness, most scrapbookers use card stock as a base for their layouts, then use patterned paper to add additional color and interest.

Cutting Tools

At the bare minimum, you should have a paper trimmer for cutting. Instead of a paper trimmer, you can manually trim photos and materials using a craft knife, cutting mat, ruler and pencil. However, many of the scrapbooking paper trimmers are relatively inexpensive, and are much easier and quicker to use than the manual method. It is also a good idea to keep a sharp pair of scissors handy to create hand cut elements for your layouts.

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Buy Good Quality Cricut Accessories And Cricut Machines

Cricut machines have made it possible for scrapbook enthusiasts and paper craft lovers to print, and die cut almost any shape simply and easily. You just have to push a button and watch it work, no other attachment is required. Scrapbook designs, custom greeting cards, party decorations, and more are made simple, easy, and quick with these machines. But buying Cricut machines and Cricut accessories needs a little investment.

Cricut machines can save you both time and money, but to start out they carry a hefty price. A personal Cricut Cutting Machine can cost you anything between $299 and $499. This may be a little hefty for many people. Cartridges may also be a little expensive. These contain the shapes, fonts, and different designs that you can make your machine print. However each add-on cartridge usually ranges between $50 and $100. But it can even pay for itself in time and money saved, and most users find it is worth every dollar spent, except the initial payment is just a little high.

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