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The Cricut Tool Kit: Feeding The Need To Scrapbook

It was hobbies like knitting and sewing that kept our artistic grandmothers busy. Our mothers spent their spare time on macram?. Today’s new age moms with great spending power have found a whole new genre of crafting. It is called Scrapbooking and has created quite a few ripples in the crafting world bringing along with it endless gadgetry to accompany the addiction. The more serious of scrap bookers can now use a tool accessory kit with the Cricut Machine.

You don’t have to be an extremely serious scrap booker. Any level of interest is a good. But for the most avid of scrap bookers who may already have a Cricut machine, there is a tool kit full of accessories to go with the Cricut Machine. Now, you don’t have to look everywhere for the one tool to help you pull out a teeny circle of paper or another tool that will help make a perfect crease. You can now have all of them handy in a convenient storage container for use anywhere.

The Cricut Tool Kit has everything you would ever need and can use with your own Cricut Machine. It has a small pair of scissors which are great if you are doing any precision work. It also includes a scaper, a bone folder, a scoop tool, a craft knife, a hook tool and last but not least a seven inch ruler. This is special because it?s a full one inch longer than the ones that you get in the stationary store. And you can store all these in a special convenient zippered storage container.

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The Xyron Wishblade Die Cutting Machine, Compared To Other Scrapbooking Die Cutters

Scrapbooking Die Cut Machines are the latest rage in Scrapbooking, I am going to review the Xyron Wishblade machine and compare it to some of the other brands of electronic die cutting machines currently available, like the Cricut Expressions Machine and the Making Memories Slice Machine.

The popularity of scrapbooking die cut machines at the moment makes the decision hard with all the types on the market. A die cutting machine can make life so simpler and faster for keen scrapbooker and they produce outstanding scrapbook pages that are unique yet less time consuming.

The Cricut Machine, at the moment I would have to say is the leader in the computerized die cutting machine market. However there are other brands on the market, like the Xyron Wishblade, that I honestly think need to be considered as well.

However with the popularity of the Cricut range of die cutting machines, like the Cricut Create, Cricut Expression and Cricut Personal, many people don’t both looking twice at other brands. However some of the lesser known brand names, like the Xyron, do have some wonderful features to offer, as long as you can handle not having the designer brand name.

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Choosing The Right Die Cutting Machine

If you are thinking of purchasing a cutting machine for use in your crafting projects then you are probably spoilt for choice. There are a lot of cutting machines on the market and deciding between them can be difficult. Well, the first thing you need to decide is whether or not you want to invest in a manual or electronic cutting machine. Here are a few simple facts about manual and electronic cutting machines that might help you to decide.

Manual Die Cutting Machines

Manual die cutters are hand operated and require no electricity whatsoever. Being much simpler than electronic models they are much less expensive but offer fewer advantages. A few manual cutters that come to mind are the Sizzix, the Cuttlebug, the Quickut Revolution and Quickut Squeeze. These machines all require separate dies, sold individually, one for each pattern that you wish to cut.

The Cuttlebug is one of the newest models of manual cutters and will use dies sold by many manufactures. This cutting machine also has a very useful embossing feature, allowing you to indent card rather than cutting it. The Cuttlebug will also cut materials as thick as chipboard, as will the Sizzix. The Sizzix may be just as strong as the Cuttlebug but it is much older and is only able to use one or two typefaces.

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The Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is the newest addition to the Cricut family of products. The new Cricut Expression is a much larger unit than the Cricut, meant to stay on the table or in a media room. The Cricut Expression machine accepts the existing line of Cricut cartridges, replacing the need to collect hundreds of heavy die cuts. You can use the Cricut Expression machine in your classroom, office, craft space, or home.

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A home decor project using the Cricut Expression

I have heard that well-known crafter and author Mark Montano has been using and writing about the Cricut Expression machine and the value it brings to his projects. I found his blog where he talks about how he used the Cricut Expression to take a recent home d├ęcor project to new heights of creativity.

This project is a Faux Wood Intarsia Headboard, made with various techniques, including the Cricut Expression. Below is an excerpt from his Blog post:

I’ve discovered a lot about myself while making this project. Yes, crafting is all about self-exploration, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. For those of you who know how I craft, I have to say that, with the exception of my Dremel, I’m not really a “machine” kind of crafter. I am an old school, make-it-work-with-whatever-is-under-the-kitchen-sink kind of guy. However, I recently discovered something that made this project sing, and I must write about. It’s called the Cricut Expression. I swear I’m not paid by this company; in fact, I have recently started stalking them and I’m sure they will be filing a restraining order any day now. My goal (if they don’t throw my crafty butt in jail) is to be their one and only spokes-crafter.

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