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Little Girls and Their Dolls

I have had people say to me … Little girls just do not play with dolls any more. My response … Have you encouraged her, or played with her?

I know growing up, that dolls played a very important part of my life. Our family struggled to make ends meet, and our toys were treasured and few. So treasured in fact, that the dolls I owned as a child, are still my treasured holdings today. I rescued them from the toy box after my two younger sisters had also had their turn with them!

My dolls were babies when we played pioneers, with a wagon and trunk. They were my patient clothing models, when I began to learn the art of sewing, and they put up with countless terribly designed and sewn outfits. They were my comfort on cold winter nights.
My sisters and I played with and treasured our dolls much longer than most young girls seem to today.

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Scrapbooking for a Shower

Some of the best memories of our lives are those of celebrations with partners and those with our children. Time passes so quickly and before we know it, relationships have passed or we have transitioned through many phases and stayed together. Our children grow up so quickly and though we want to hold on to them forever, it's not the way things are meant to be. Our children are meant to grow up and lead their own lives and we're happy for them and we want great things for them. It's all part of the natural transition of life, from childhood to adulthood, from young to old. The good news is that we have our glorious memories. Our loved ones stay in our hearts every minute of every day.

How can we best represent our memories? They are with us always but there are times when it helps to have something to hold in our hands with words or photos that bring wonderful moments to the present, if only for a moment. The photos of our weddings, when everything was new and our lives were still ahead of us and the photos of the birth of our children. We held them in our arms and promised to be everything they ever needed us to be. We look at those photos and we remember.

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Creative and Innovative Teacher Bulletin Boards

It may sound like the easiest and most fun part of being a teacher, but any seasoned professional will tell you that designing bulletin boards can be a real challenge. These days, teachers are often judged by their bulletin board, since busy administrators and superintendents just do not have the time to come into the classroom and watch what we do. They need to assess a teacher's performance in a quick school walk-through. So they rely on teacher bulletin board to tell them what they need to know.

Of course, this is a terrible method for measuring teacher success, as any dedicated educator can tell you. It also means incredible pressure on teachers, as fresh bulletin board displays are demanded every month. These teacher bulletin board must not only be creative and decoratively attractive, but they must also showcase the students' achievements, provide evidence of learning progress, and update viewers on the specific curriculum being taught.

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Some Important Features Before You Buy a Camcorder

A camcorder is a new and easy to handle consumer electronic device that is slowly gaining its popularity day after day. It is a new gadget that can widely use for recording video and audio using a built-in unit named as recorder. As it name suggests, this is one of few gadgets that contains both a video camera and a recorder in one unit and hence has a compound name as camcorder.

Today, with the help of camcorder creating and editing videos has become easier. It even provides best and convenient way to create movies and put them on tape, DVD or even the internet. As easy as it may seem it may still you need to be very careful to understand some basics so that you can get the best quality camcorder for your money. There are some things to remember when shopping for a digital camcorder. Here are some of the valid key features that you must pay attention:

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How To Make a Cute Birthday Card

I often find it astonishing the lengths individuals go through in order to satisfy someone by buying them an expensive birthday present. They often find rare, extravagant, and hard-to-find gift items for a loved one's birthday. And then they wrap them up in lovely ornate wrapping paper. which often can be as expensive as the gift!

Nonetheless, with all this effort people put into the gift, they then include a signed store-bought birthday card with it. It is astounding how uncommon an art it is to make a unique birthday card.

It is actually quite simple to create a birthday card. Plus it shows the birthday person how much you really care for them.

Virtually any type of material can be used to make a birthday card. One grand idea is to use textured recycled paper. Then again, you can use fabric or cloth to make a card; you are not limited to paper or cardboard.

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