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Cricut Wedding Project

Here are some great Cricut project ideas for making fantastic home made greeting cards.

This project is for a wedding. It is perfect for giving to someone as a congratulations card for there wedding celebrations. Below is a list of items you will need.

• Cardstock: white
• Patterned paper: pink, purple
• Buttons: pink love hearts
• Photographs of the bride and groom
• Pink ribbon
• Adhesive


1. Cut a nice thick square box. Using Graphically Speaking cartridge and purple patterned paper, press Shift and cut one 4″ .
2. Cut the title block. Using the pink cardstock, cut one 4″ . Repeat cut using the purple paper.
3. Cut notebook background. Using the pink patterned paper, press Shift and cut one 4″ .
4. Stick the photographs of the bride and groom onto the card.
5. Stick to pink love hearts around the photograph of the bridge and groom.
6. Tie the pink ribbon into a bow and then attach the bow onto the card.
7. Add the text for example: “Congratulations Sarah and Richard on your wedding day from Jean and Paul and family! xxx”

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A home decor project using the Cricut Expression

I have heard that well-known crafter and author Mark Montano has been using and writing about the Cricut Expression machine and the value it brings to his projects. I found his blog where he talks about how he used the Cricut Expression to take a recent home décor project to new heights of creativity.

This project is a Faux Wood Intarsia Headboard, made with various techniques, including the Cricut Expression. Below is an excerpt from his Blog post:

I’ve discovered a lot about myself while making this project. Yes, crafting is all about self-exploration, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. For those of you who know how I craft, I have to say that, with the exception of my Dremel, I’m not really a “machine” kind of crafter. I am an old school, make-it-work-with-whatever-is-under-the-kitchen-sink kind of guy. However, I recently discovered something that made this project sing, and I must write about. It’s called the Cricut Expression. I swear I’m not paid by this company; in fact, I have recently started stalking them and I’m sure they will be filing a restraining order any day now. My goal (if they don’t throw my crafty butt in jail) is to be their one and only spokes-crafter.

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