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Beyond Birthdays Cricut Cartridge – Good All Year Long

A cartridge is needed to be able to come up with cutouts when people use any of the Cricut cutting machines. The Beyond Birthdays cartridge is an example of a shape cartridge. Other types of cartridges include shape font cartridge, licensed cartridge, classmate cartridges and solutions cartridges. Most of the cartridges available from Cricut surrounds a particular theme made especially for a singular event. However, this cartridge gives the user a little taste of everything.

Designed by Cecelia Harris, this cartridge is all about occasions. The hodgepodge of inspirational phrases, symbols, icons and greetings would be perfect for even-related paper projects such as invitations, gifts wrapping, greeting cards and scrapbooks of documentation of varied celebrations. This makes Beyond Birthdays a handy cartridge as it can be used any time of year. This is also the same reason why the manufacturers included creative features such as framed in rectangle, framed in oval, card in rectangle, card in square, shadow and shadow blackout. All of these creative features would give the artist more space for creativity.

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Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge – Cute and Lovable

The animal kingdom cartridge is an example of a shape cartridge from Cricut. It is meant to be used with a Cricut cutting machine. After setting the specifications such as the size or creative feature desired, all that the user needs to do is press the button so that it can be cut from the paper fed to the cutting machine. Animals are very difficult figures and cutting through them would take ages. With the use of any of the Cricut cutting machines together with the help of this cartridge it became a simple feat.

These cutouts can be used for fun projects especially those that are related to children. They can also be used as an educational tool. What makes the users love this cartridge is its charm. Each person has a favorite animal that they can identify with and it makes them more compassionate. Whatever the case, animal cutouts would make good accents in different paper projects that a person had delved into. They are cute, cuddly and full of life.

The animals included in this cartridge are very detailed. They are also not limited to the common pets such as cats and dogs. There are safari animals such as crocodile, elephant, lion, zebra, hippopotamus, giraffe, rhinoceros and bear. There are also farm animals such as a goat, pig, horse and cow. There is even a goldfish that goes with a fishbowl with water. The figure of the monkey is playful as it holds a banana.

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Free Svg Cut Files For Cricut Save Scrapbookers Time, Money

Budget-aware scrapbookers who wish a lot of choices for their Cricut digital die cutting machine are turning to free SVG files which will be downloaded and cut using third-party software, avoiding the requirement to shop for expensive image cartridges.

A wide selection of pictures are offered for immediate download. Fashionable subjects embody: animals, butterflies, toys, pirates, baby, wedding and holidays. Some sites supply the files at no cost, whereas others charge a greenback or so per style, or some dollars for a themed assortment of designs.

Scrapbookers who would like to use cut files must have a Cricut machine (which is manufactured by the Utah-primarily based company Provo Craft), a normal printer cable and third-party software such as Certain Cuts a Lot (for Mac or PC) or Create the Cut (for PC solely).

Besides expanding the design styles and choices available to paper crafters, the power to use third-party software with the Cricut suggests that that nearly any True Sort Font can be imported, “welded” together (if desired) and then cut. With Cricut brand cartridges retailing for $ 70 or $ eighty, the ability to possess thousands of free fonts and shapes offered is a huge money-saver.

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Cricut Expression – Express Your Creativity

The Cricut Expression is one of the strongest lines of products under Cricut. Sponsoring some of the most creative ideas in paper crafting designs, Cricut Expression is able to turn amateur hands into that of a professional’s. A lot of people are thrilled about the line simply because of the extraordinary cutting machines that allow brilliant designs to be done in just a few minutes. With the Cricut Expression cutting machine, consumers are also able to make use of a lot of cartridges to embellish the designs of their greeting cards as well as their scrapbooks.

Unlike the original Cricut Expression machine that was released just a few years ago, the new machine released by the same line and brand features a lot more options that will definitely keep you wanting more. The ordinary cutting machine provided by Cricut is also very sensitive when using thick paper. With the Cricut Expression cutter, you can now make use of vinyl or cardboard in order to get the most unique cutout pieces for your paper crafts. It will now be able to cut through any thick-sized paper without you having to worry about whether or not your machine will make the cut. The machine comes with a built-in LCD screen, allowing you to command the activities of the cutter. Should you need specific dimensions or shapes for your cutout, you can specifically instruct the machine to do just that for you.

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Is the Cricut Expression Worth Your Money?

Are you interested in scrapbooking and paper craft? Then I believe that you have heard of the Cricut expression. Here we will take a look at what differentiates the Cricut expression from the standard Cricut machine, and if the Expression is worth the extra money. For those of you that have not heard or seen a Cricut machine, here is a quick overview. Right now, there are three different Cricut Machines for sale, and all are made by Provo Craft. The three models are the original Cricut machine, the Cricut Create and the Cricut Expression which is the newest and arguably the most popular of the three.

All these machines are used to make shapes, letters and other designs for scrapbooks, home decorations and other uses, like making christmas cards. The machines use advanced cutting technology and are very precise. The Cricut Expression Machine can cut not only paper but a load of other materials like vinyl, soft plastics or fabric. It is a larger and heavier machine than the previous Cricut machines so you can use mat sizes of 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 24″. Another benefit of the larger size is the inclusion of a LCD screen in this model, which allows you to see what you are typing before you cut. This of course will save you time and paper, and avoid frustrating mistakes.

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