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Does the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge work in the original Cricut?

I do not know anything about the Cricut machine, I am buying this for a gift. I have heard that the Wild Card cartridge does not work with the original, smaller, machine. Is this true, and is there a way around it? It looks like one of the better cartridges but I do not want to buy it if it will not work on the machine my Girlfriend has.
If this one does not work, are there other ones I should also watch out for that will not work on the original machine?

Learning easy projects with the Cricket DesignStudio

Are you frustrated with the Cricut DesignStudio software? It’s great software, and a great tool for the Cricut, but sometimes it can be confusing with all the options it offers. The manual is fine for the basics of installing and setup, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the “How Do I” questions we all have. Once we have it installed, we are anxious to put those ideas we have into reality, and then get bogged down in trying to figure out what to click, where to slide, who to rotate… I’m sure you know what I mean.

I know when I ‘think’ I have it figured out, insert my paper, and waste another sheet of good stock I get a little… well…. peeved to put it mildly. The process of getting what’s in my head onto the screen and finally into a finished cut can be costly if the ‘trial and error’ method is used.

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Cricut Paper Saving Tip

Paper Saving Tip

cricut create machineA lot of us want to know the dimensions of a shape before cutting it out. For instance, if you set the size dial at 3 inches, you can be sure that the shape will be 3 inches. However, does that mean that the shape will be 3 inches wide or does it mean the shape will be 3 inches long? To get around this issue, some have cut out each shape in each size and saved it in a book for future reference. This can be fun, but it is not necessary.

If you want to avoid wasting expensive paper, it is wise to know the orientation of the shape you desire to cut out and what its dimensions will be. To avoid an unexpected outcome, try cutting an “air shape” before you cut the actual shape on the paper of your choice. Here’s how to do this:

1. Set the blade depth to 1.
2. Set the pressure dial to 1.

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