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Reviewing Die Cut Machines – What To Consider Before Purchasing A Personal Die Cut Machine

To ensure that you make the most out of the die cut machines that you will review, there are a number of attributes that you must look out for. This is mainly due to the fact that there are numerous die cut machines out there that may be fit your needs.

For starters, the particular machine you decide to buy should be easy to use. By this I mean–you will only need to insert the cartridge, make the correct selection for your project, and press cut (or something similar to this). You can be certain that this is the easiest it can get with die cut machines.

Secondly, there are a certain number of things that the best die cutters can accomplish. You can make decorations for your home and for a party. In the same way, it is possible to create scrapbooks, gift bags, labels, signs and even school projects while using the die cutter. Classroom decors, invitations and more also rank within the same range being discussed.

Thirdly, find a machine that makes it possible to cut a multitude of different materials. From cardstock to vinyl down to vellum, you want nothing to escape your die cutter! You will be pleased to note that a lot of machines can handle the widest range of different materials. The thickness of the materials should fall in between ¼ of an inch on the lower side to 23 ½ inches on the upper. Needless to say, this is a specification that lacks in most other cutters except the Cricut Expressions 290300.

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Which Cricut Machine Should You Buy?

There are three models of the Cricut machine, popular personal die cutters made by the Provo Craft company. With three good options, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. Should you start small and buy the original Personal Electronic Cutter? Or is the Expression model worth the extra investment? How does the Create, the hybrid model currently being exclusively sold by Michael’s Craft Store, stand up against the other two machines?

In a number of ways, all three die cut machines are the same:

All three models are cartridge-based.

You can only produce cutouts based upon the cartridges you own. Each cartridge comes with a keyboard overlay, which is used in selecting specific cuts. The cartridges are not machine-specific – they can be used in any of the three models.

Basic operation of all three machines is the same.

If you own the Personal Electronic Cutter, you will have no problem operating the Cricut Expression or Create (and vice-versa). Why? Well, the basic operation of all three die cutters is the same.

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Cricut Home Organization Cartridge

Cricut Home Organization Cartridge

  • Use with all Cricut electronic cutting machines
  • Clean, modern designs make for at-a-glance recognition
  • Contains 350+ labels and images for the kitchen, office, craft room, bathroom, laundry room, closets, drawers and other household organization needs
  • Ideal for quick, easy organization with a creative flair
  • Requires new universal keypad overlay (b00e0ipzia)
Keep your home organized and running smoothly with labels and images professionally designed for organization projects in every room of the house, and even the garage! The labels are simple, clean, and modern, while the easy-to-recognize graphics will help even the littlest members of the household keep things tidy. Whether you're labeling a basket or creating a chore chart, this Cricut cartridge will help your family banish clutter and simplify your lives.

List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 13.57

Gypsy Handheld Design Studio for Cricut with 39 Pre-loaded Cartridges Reviews

Gypsy Handheld Design Studio for Cricut with 39 Pre-loaded Cartridges

  • 36 plus pre-loaded cartages
  • Includes everything for on the go, sleeve, stylus & case!
  • Everything to jump start your collection
At a party? On the road? Just thought of a new design idea and you're away from home? Pull out your Cricut Gypsy and design away! And when you're ready to cut your projects, simply connect to your Cricut and press a button. It's that easy! Gypsy, the handheld design studio for Cricut, lets you escape and design anywhere. Gypsy stores Cricut cartridges and offers a wealth of design features you know and love - all in the palm of your hand. Gypsy includes 2 Exclusive Pre-Loaded Cartridges: Gypsy F


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