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Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

Craft enthusiasts will love the portability and convenience of this electronic cutting machine. Weighing just 7 pounds and equipped with a generous handle, the unit can be taken along when traveling or to scrapbooking parties with friends. Stylish totes, sold separately, also make it easy to bring the cutter anywhere. Ideal for greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other paper crafts, the machine uses a cartridge-based system (no computer required) for cutting thousands of beautiful letters, shapes, or phrases in a variety of sizes and styles with just the touch of a button. Simply attach the material to be cut to the included self-adhesive cutting mat, load it into the machine, insert the cartridge, make a cutting selection, and press cut. The machine will quickly and electronically cut out the desired letter, shape, or phrase in seconds. It can cut characters from 1 inch tall up to 5-1/2 inches tall and 11-1/2 inches wide from a variety of materials, including vell (more…)

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Cricut Wedding Project

Here are some great Cricut project ideas for making fantastic home made greeting cards.

This project is for a wedding. It is perfect for giving to someone as a congratulations card for there wedding celebrations. Below is a list of items you will need.

• Cardstock: white
• Patterned paper: pink, purple
• Buttons: pink love hearts
• Photographs of the bride and groom
• Pink ribbon
• Adhesive


1. Cut a nice thick square box. Using Graphically Speaking cartridge and purple patterned paper, press Shift and cut one 4″ .
2. Cut the title block. Using the pink cardstock, cut one 4″ . Repeat cut using the purple paper.
3. Cut notebook background. Using the pink patterned paper, press Shift and cut one 4″ .
4. Stick the photographs of the bride and groom onto the card.
5. Stick to pink love hearts around the photograph of the bridge and groom.
6. Tie the pink ribbon into a bow and then attach the bow onto the card.
7. Add the text for example: “Congratulations Sarah and Richard on your wedding day from Jean and Paul and family! xxx”

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Childrens Cricut Cartridges

When it comes to making greeting cards, party invitations and thank you letters there is nothing better than using a Cricut machine.

When you buy the additional affordable cartridges it makes creating a greeting card very fun. You can actually create birthday cards for teenage girls when you purchase the affordable Hannah Montana Cartridge.

When you are using this cartridge you literally have a free backstage pass to the Hannah Montana set with the Disney© Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge! The possibilities for projects using this amazing cartridge are absolutely endless and little girls will enjoy making greeting cards for there friend’s birthday party’s so much.

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The Cricut Expression

The Cricut Expression is the newest addition to the Cricut family of products. The new Cricut Expression is a much larger unit than the Cricut, meant to stay on the table or in a media room. The Cricut Expression machine accepts the existing line of Cricut cartridges, replacing the need to collect hundreds of heavy die cuts. You can use the Cricut Expression machine in your classroom, office, craft space, or home.

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Learning easy projects with the Cricket DesignStudio

Are you frustrated with the Cricut DesignStudio software? It’s great software, and a great tool for the Cricut, but sometimes it can be confusing with all the options it offers. The manual is fine for the basics of installing and setup, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the “How Do I” questions we all have. Once we have it installed, we are anxious to put those ideas we have into reality, and then get bogged down in trying to figure out what to click, where to slide, who to rotate… I’m sure you know what I mean.

I know when I ‘think’ I have it figured out, insert my paper, and waste another sheet of good stock I get a little… well…. peeved to put it mildly. The process of getting what’s in my head onto the screen and finally into a finished cut can be costly if the ‘trial and error’ method is used.

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