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The Cricut Expression Machine is For More Than Just Scrapbooking

While it might be a bit more expensive than some die cut machines you’ve seen for scrapbooking, the Cricut Expression machine is a worthwhile investment for scrappers as well as teachers, parents, and those who homeschool their children. If your looking for a new scrapbooking tool, this machine might be just what your next project needs.
The Cricut Expression machine is larger than most die cut machines so it needs to stay on a work table or in a craft room. It’s not meant to be portable or to go from room to room. However this larger size means that it can accommodate not just 12×12 pages but sizes of mats up to 12×24. This means you get twice the size of die cuts from the same machine. The Cricut machines all use the same cartridges and same blades, so you can use any Cricut cartridge for the Expression machine. You also don’t need a computer for this machine. You make your selections right there on the LCD screen which also shows you exactly what you’ll be cutting and what size so there are no mistakes.
This means that the Cricut Expression machine is perfect for scrapbooking as well as for making banners, classroom decorations, and many other teaching tools. Imagine the party planning you can do with this machine or how you can use its cartridges to create teaching aids for your home schooled children. Many appreciate the larger size dies that are created with the Cricut Expression machine and remember too that creating individual elements and layering them can make for an amazing page in any album.
Remember too that with the Cricut Expression you can purchase many different cartridges made by Cricut. They have licensed cartridges including characters from Disney, Sesame Street, and others, and literally dozens of font designs as well. You can also purchase shape cartridges for your Cricut machine so you can cut out simple shapes and those you may use for a variety of reasons. Just decorate or stamp them before adding them to your scrapbooks for even more visual interest.
Don’t forget the amazing Cricut Design Studio software. This program allows you to connect your Cricut Expression or even the original Cricut with your computer. It’s a must-have for every Cricut user. With an on-screen cutting mat, you’ll be making your own creations in no time. It also has a keyword search feature for the entire cartridge library making it quick and easy to find just the right image for your next scrapbooking project. You definitely want to check out the Cricut Design Studio software as an addition to your machine.
There’s very little that you can’t do with an Expression machine. So if you can fit it into your budget, it’s well worth the investment and makes a great addition to your scrapbooking tools. You will be adding beautiful embellishments to your scrapbook pages in no time. Of course you’ll also need the room for it but those who’ve purchased it say that it’s well worth what they’ve spent for the machine. Whether it’s for parties, school projects, or scrapbooks, it’s a great machine!

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New Cricut Cartridges – Finding Great Deals on New Cricut Cartridges

New Cricut cartridges are hitting the market and by the looks of it, this year’s latest Cricut additions are going to be a smash with Cricut lovers everywhere. While most new releases signal that time-old proverb,’in with the new and out with the old,’ new Cricut cartridges simply mean that my collection will expand with original and exciting cartridges. Cricut masterminds are continually coming up with incredibly well-designed and versatile cartridges that may be utilized in a wide selection of settings. Buying new Cricut cartridges is a lot like shopping for a new pair of shoes. Depending on the season, the best-selling cartridge can vary from month to month. In general, there are fresh designs for such benchmarks as fonts, wedding cartridges and back-to-school cartridges. There also are lots of new Cricut cartridges particularly designed for the more youthful Cricut crowd. These include graphics tailor made for tweens, youths and cunning twenty-somethings eager to brighten their new studios. Recent cartridges that have had an impact on the Cricut scene include : * Winter Woodland * Sweethearts * From my Kitchen * Everyday Paper Dolls On a monthly basis, there are new arrivals ( including the New Arrival Cricut cartridge which debuted in 2006 ). Offering a fresh spin on sports, childhood, fave characters and even gardening, Cricut cartridges are a perfect way to re-light a love for home made crafts. Making something from nothing is an exciting enterprise and even more enthralling when a new toy like a Cricut cartridge is available. Check out the choice of new Cricut cartridges and see what all the fancy fuss is about! .

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Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter with 2 Cartridges

Cricut  Personal Electronic Cutter  with 2 Cartridges

Craft enthusiasts will love the portability and convenience of this electronic cutting machine. With a carrying handle and weighing just 9 pounds, the portable unit can be taken along when traveling or to scrap-booking parties with friends. Ideal for greeting cards, scrapbooks, and other paper crafts, the machine uses a cartridge-based system (no computer required) for cutting thousands of beautiful letters, shapes, and phrases in a variety of sizes and styles with just the touch of a button. Simply attach the material to be cut to the included self-adhesive cutting mat, load it into the machine, insert the cartridge, make a cutting selection, and press cut. The machine will quickly and electronically cut out the desired letter, shape, or phrase in seconds. It can cut characters from 1 to 5-1/2 inches tall and 11-1/2 inches wide from a variety of materials including vellum, paper, cardstock, and vinyl. Customize the cartridge content in up to six different ways (more…)

Wild Card Cricut Cartridge Review

If you are a custom card maker like me, you are going to enjoy this Cricut cartridge. That is why I thought it would be cool to do this wild card Cricut catridge review. The Wild Card Cricut cartridge allows for so many possibilities. With really cool shaped cards and coordinating envelopes with envelope liners for every occasion, this Cricut cartridge is every card maker’s dream. Each card and envelope comes complete with icons and phrases that are perfect for embellishing. Make the cards as designed or you can mix and match the images to personalize your creation. Looking at this cartridge, you might be saying to yourself “what is this”, I know that I did, but with a few folds here and there these shapes turn into really cool cards with matching envelopes.This cartridge works terrific with my Cricut Expression machine, making the envelopes first, “Fit to Page”–then size the cards accordingly. You can also use your original Cricut machine but you need to make smaller cards if you desire matching envelopes. This is one of my top rated Cricut cartridges.This Wild Card Cricut cartridge has fun images like: graduation cap ~ owl card and tree envelope ~ doctors bag ~ band aid ~ stethoscope ~ diaper pin ~ slice of cake ~ cup cake and frosting ~ rockets & fireworks ~ three tier wedding cake ~ rotary telephone ~ baby carriage ~ baby rattle ~ Star of David ~ sombrero ~ jack-o-lantern …just to mention some! Besides those, There are more fun surprises waiting for you with this cartridge! It also has a phrase function key with phrases such as: It’s a Girl ~ It’s a Boy ~ Get Better ~ For the Happy Couple ~ Our Wedding ~ Just Married ~ A little something just for you ~ Many Happy Return ~ Happy Birthday ~ You’re one of a kind ~ You did it! ~ Wow ~ Celebrate ~ God Bless You ~ I thought of you today ~ You make my heart sing…. And a whole lot more, you have to check it out.If you have the Cricut Design Studio software, you can go and check out all these fun designs but rememberjust know that} you can only preview from the Design Studio. (Remember if you don’t own the cartridge you will not be able to cut the images on your Cricut machine), and if you don’t own the Wild Card Cricut cartridge you are surely missing out on a lot of fun.Speaking of fun. I had fun going through and writing this Cricut Cartridge Review of the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge. For even more fun, allow me to suggest that JoansCraftWorld.com is a fun place to visit to get more Cricut cartridge reviews plus tips and techniques for your custom creations.

Discounted Cricut Cartridges – How Be Smart When Buying Cricut Cartridges

Discounted Cricut cartridges are the perfect tools to spend a little money on, especially when these cartridges will be used for plenty of holidays, birthdays and special occasions to come. Cricut cartridges are the most important tool in a crafty person’s arsenal (next to a Cricut machine, of course) and as such, discounted Cricut cartridges are like those 75% off Vera Bradley sales that simply cannot be missed. I have spent plenty of time searching for the very best deals on Cricut cartridges and after searching high and low, here are a few tips that I have gathered along the way.· Sometimes the most discounted Cricut cartridges aren’t necessarily the ones to buy. Cricut cartridges are meant to be used so while one may offer a bargain, it’s only worth it if it also offers a versatile font or usable graphics. The point here is to get the biggest bang for the smallest amount of bucks. · Some Cricut cartridges have 2 cartridges in 1!With just a little research, it’s easy to find a cartridge that includes plenty of graphics from multiple cartridges that can be used in a wide variety of ways. The most abundant cartridge in this effect is the Cricut Sampler. Offering a medley of graphics from several Cricut cartridges, these discounted Cricut cartridges can be one of the many keys to genuine Cricut success!All in all, Cricut cartridges are a creative investment. So why not make the smartest investment possible? In fact, there are sites entirely devoted to offering the lowest prices for all the favorite cartridges on the market. With a little time and researching, finding discounted Cricut cartridges can be quite easy and just as exciting as using the Cricut itself.

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