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Angel Crafts 6″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets (35 PACK) – BEST Permanent Assorted Vinyl for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Craft Cutters, Printers, Letters, Wall Decoration, Decals, and More!

Permanent Adhesive WEEDS EASILY RELEASE Vinyl - 35 SHEETS of 6" x 12" Non-Stretchy, Made in USA for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Oracal Vinyl Cutters, Printers, Letters, Decals, Signs by Angel Crafts

  • BEST EASY WEED RELEASE adhesive craft vinyl. Premium quality permanent vinyl, made in the USA in 3 mil thickness so it doesn't stretch, tear or rip and holds it shape during cutting and weeding. Works like a dream come true giving you crisp, clean edges on your die cut letter or shape!
  • NO MORE WASTED VINYL, EVEN SMALL SCRAPS CUT BEAUTIFULLY! Perfect cuts every time, peels off your craft mat or transfer paper for a project or gift you can be proud of in very little time.
  • FREE BONUS INSTRUCTION SHEET INCLUDED on the correct way to use vinyl with and without transfer paper.
  • TO MAKE THE BEST PROJECT, YOU NEED THE BEST MATERIALS! Our premium release liner works perfectly with or without transfer paper and adheres to most smooth surfaces like walls, glass, porcelain, cardboard, chrome, and anything else you can think of. No more questioning if you bought the right vinyl for your project!
  • WE BELIEVE Angel Craft Adhesive Vinyl will give you a beautiful project to give away or keep for yourself. Making crafting easier and more pleasurable for you gives you the time to be creative and be yourself!
Angel Craft VINYL is made to last with premium quality and a strong 3 mil thickness. It is best used for INDOOR and OUTDOOR applications with a 5 year durability when properly displayed. This is the BEST assorted color pack you will ever buy! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

I really got tired of other brands out there going the "cheap" route with their adhesive backed vinyl and cutting corners so I started my own line of HIGH QUALITY adhesive calendered vinyl that is actually MADE IN the USA!
List Price: $ 14.95 Price: $ 14.95

The Best Die Cutters Are Cricut Machines

A Cricut machine does not require a computer interface. The Cricut die cutters are free standing machines that produce precision cut designs in card stock paper. These Cricut die cutters are wildly popular among paper crafters and scrap book artists. Various designs are selected by cartridges to allow scrapbookers and artists to create designs within a selected theme.

There are three different Cricut machines available on the market. The most popular is the Cricut Expression. Other models include the Cricut and the Cricut Create. These machines all offer several cartridge designs including cutouts for all 50 states in the U.S. and die cuts for wedding themed items.

The Cricut personal electronic cutter typically comes with the George cartridge. This cartridge offers a full array of fonts and basic shapes to get you started. Shapes include blackout, shadow, silhouette, charm, slotted, and sign. These shapes can be accented in 12 different sizes. The whole Cricut personal cutter package typically cost around $ 300.

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Some info about Cricut scrapbooking tool? 10 pts. best answer!?

Question by Allison: Some info about Cricut scrapbooking tool? 10 pts. best answer!?
I started doing some scrapbooking in the last couple of weeks and I think I might want to get a Cricut. I just have some questions about them.
1. What are the different types of Cricuts? I wouldn’t be doing a lot of large cut-outs so I was thinking the Cricut mini? But I’m not sure…. What are the pros and cons of each different one?
2. What can be done with a Cricut? I know it can cut out shapes and designs but is there anything else you’ve used it for?
3. Is there any up keep? Do you have to buy replacement blades or cutting mats? If so, how much are they?
4. How does the online craft room work? If you use it, do you still have to buy cartridges?
5. Is there “special paper” that has to be used in a Cricut or can you use any paper? I know this is a long shot but, can you use fabric?
6. Overall, is it worth the money? Are there any other machines similar to it for a better price?

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What is the best craft cutting machine?

Question by Jocko: What is the best craft cutting machine?
So I am an AVID cheer bow maker. I sell glamorous cheer bows on etsy. My shop is bowstoyourtoes. I need a cutter to cut out words and logos to put on the bows. I recently have purchased the Cricut mini (as I did not need a big machine for my project). Well it sucked, the Mat wouldn’t stay sticky and you have to buy cartridges. I would like a die cutter that cuts vinyl, fabric, and cardstock. That does not need cartridges. That can cut images off a computer or scan them. Something that I could possible design the cut?

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