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Cake Treasures Collection Volume 1 – Simple Designs Using Cricut Cake

Cake Treasures Collection Volume 1 - Simple Designs Using Cricut Cake

  • Learn how to make your own gum paste that works best with the Cricut Cake machine, secrets for preparing the cutting mat and cutting out the design and how to assemble the cut designs to create the beautiful layering effect
  • Easy white chocolate curls
  • Grooms croquembouche
  • Recipes
Drawn together by friendship and their passion for baking, these well known sugar artists have joined efforts to create a series of educational DVDs "Cake Treasures." These three popular and nationally known cake decorators have been featured in numerous magazines and are winners of TLCs Ultimate Cake Off. Their knowledge, skills and love for the art, along with unyielding attentional to details combine to make this a DVD you will find informative as well as entertaining.


The Cricut Cake: Decorating Has Never Been So Fun!

I have been a fan of cakes my whole life. Every once in a while a friendly debate will surface as to which is better, cake or pie. Granted, a tender flaky crust holding a juicy fruity filling is a grand dessert experience, for sure. But my all-time favorite, hands down, no doubt about it, is a piece of cake.

My mother was a baker extraordinaire. Among all her innumerable creative talents, she had the ability to turn out fabulous cakes that not only tasted divine, but looked heavenly as well. With the utmost of care, she would work her magic in royal icing and butter cream. Delicately petalled and tinted flowers with graceful leaves and stems grew from the creamy surfaces of her cakes. Delightful sugary creations of all sorts adorned her cake celebrations. She could make Christmas poinsettias so real looking you’d have to look twice. Her cakes made every celebration special.

My creative skills took different directions from those of my mother, and cake decorating was no different. My best decorating took place using the little pre-fab decoration kits that you bought in the sugar aisle of the grocery store. You had to soak the backing to loosen the decorations from the cardboard. Too much soaking and the sugary pieces would melt into misshapen messes. Too little soaking and a layer of paper would stay attached to the base of the piece. In the end, I would have a generic design with little hard frosting candle holders scattered around the letters that spelled out the birthday or  holiday. That was the most intricate decorating I came up with back in the day.

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Candid Reviews of the Cricut Cake Cutting Machine from Actual Users

What’s it really like to cut cake decorations with an electronic cutting machine? Here’s a summary of what users are saying:

“A Fabulous Machine…” but “Not as Easy as It Looks”

The consensus is that Cricut Cake is a powerful, flexible cutting machine that really does help a home baker create one-of-a-kind decorated cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, candies, and other edibles that like they came from a professional bakery. The machine received four stars (out of a possible five) from reviewers on Amazon.com. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

The consensus among reviewers is that the machine makes sense for someone who has a serious, ongoing commitment to cake decorating. It’s not such a good choice for a person who only wants to decorate a couple of birthday cakes or a few cupcakes for the school bake sale every year. There are several reasons for this:

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Cutting Frosting Sheets with the Cricut Cake Cutting Machine

Pre-rolled, ready-to-cut frosting sheets are sold under the Cricut brand name in packs of three sheets. They come in a variety of colors and measure 10½” x 10½”. The secret of cutting perfect decorative shapes with ready-to-use frosting sheets and the Cricut Cake is to find the right combination of shortening (not too much or too little), cutting pressure, and cutting speed.

How to Get the Best Cutting Results with Frosting Sheets

Here’s how to use premade sheets with the Cricut Cake:

Start with the cutting mat clean and dry.
Brush a generous coat of white shortening onto the mat with a pastry brush. If you can see a white coating, you’ve used too much.
Take one frosting sheet out of the package and reseal the bag to keep the others fresh until you’re ready to use them.
Peel off the backer paper. The sheet should be flexible. If it is brittle, it won’t cut properly.
Brush shortening onto the back of the frosting sheet.
Carefully lay the sheet on the Cricut Cake cutting mat.
Use a rolling pin or the Cricut Cake smoother tool to smooth out any bumps or air bubbles. This also adheres the frosting sheet to the mat. If you have applied it properly, the sheet will look wet and semi-transparent. If you see any white sections, this means you haven’t applied enough shortening there. Lift the sheet and add shortening where needed.
Feed the mat into the machine and use the keypad to choose the design you want to cut. Ideally, the design should be 3″ or larger. Cutting really intricate images will work better if you increase the size of the image and cut at the larger size.
Set the machine to medium speed and medium cutting pressure. You want to cut through the frosting without cutting the mat. If you see that the machine is cutting the mat, reduce the pressure setting.
Push the “Cut” button to start cutting.

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