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Cheerleading Scrapbooking ideas ?? !!?

Question by GMOiluvshoez: Cheerleading Scrapbooking ideas ?? !!?
Well i want to make a scrapbook for my cheerleading coach who i have been with for two years and this is my last year. She means a lot to me, and she chose me as captain so i wanna give her something special. so i decided a scrapbook full of pictures quotes items etc. that made our years special. Any ideas???… please include links if you can. I dont want to do digital scrapbooking either. I looked for some cheer scrapbooking albums but they were ugly so that would help alot if someone finds a cute one

thnx, and this is really important to me! : ) <3

Best answer:

Answer by Lilly’s mommy!
Get an actual scrap book and put the pics on there with mounting tape and they have tons of stickers and stencils and paints/foam cutouts. But choose one way to go to keep it together like stickers and stencils. Just 2 things that work well together. You can find tons. Use little pom poms and bows and cheer shoes and megaphones and glitter and you can put on one page all the words that describe your team.
There are a *couple* things on this

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