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Q&A: What is housing for a cricut?

Question by bro0klynbridge: What is housing for a Cricut?
i read that you can use the Cricut cake machine for scrapbooking if you get a paper mat, deep cut blade and housing. what is housing? and what does it do?

Best answer:

Answer by hamie
The housing is what the blade goes in and you shouldn’t need a deep-cut blade just the regular blade should work. I have the regular Cricut so I haven’t tried using the cricut cake but the deep-cut blade is designed for thick materials not regular paper.

Once you use it for paper though I wouldn’t use it for food unless you scrub it really good and don’t care if you get paper in your icing.

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Q&A: Question about the Cricut Cake Machine?

Question by Paige Clayton: Question about the Cricut Cake Machine?
Hi, I just bought a Cricut Cake machine thinking it would be good as my hobby is decorating cakes/cupcakes, etc. However, I was wondering since I see that it has a USB port, could you connect it to the internet, and say go on Google Images, find an image (let’s say, a logo or something) could you then be able to scan it to your Cricut machine and have it cut the exact design? I’m confused.

Best answer:

Answer by drip

No you can not download any image to cut.
check out the Gypsy and the desing studio on their web site.

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Have You ever used a Professional Airbrush cake decorating machine before?

Question by Sabrina B: Have You ever used a Professional Airbrush cake decorating machine before?
And If so did you like it, I was looking at different Machines and the prices of them and I wanted to know if they are worth it, Also have you ever used the Cricut cake machine and if so did you like it ? thanks !

Best answer:

Answer by Emu
I use a Professional Airbrush cake decorating gun 5 days a week at work. I have been doing this for 20 years. It would be very difficult for me to decorate without one. I use it on almost every cake I decorate. I have always used the Kopy Kake airbrushes and they work just fine for me. There are more expensive sets which get finer detail work and if that is the type of decorating you do then you would need to consider that. It would not be worth the extra money to me as I use the gun mostly for shading or background work.
I have never used the Cricut cake machine….it seems more like crafts to me than cake decorating. I just can’t see cutting out a piece of fondant which someone else designed and sticking it on a cake. Coming up with original ideas which are mine and mine alone is the reason I love decorating cakes.
I have heard others talk about the Cricut and some like it and a lot have problems with it…sorry I can’t help you any more on that.

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