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Cricut Machine and the Computer?

Question by mscrys87: Cricut Machine and the Computer?
Can you make your own things on the Cricut Expression by connecting it to the computer?
Like using the computer as a cartridge?

Best answer:

Answer by swtprncess23
You can if you purchase Sure-Cuts-A-Lot (scal) or Make-The-Cut (mtc)

I did buy both but I like MTC better, The one plus side on MTC is you don’t have to pay for updates! MTC is fairly simple plus Scrappy Dew has tutorials on Youtube for both MTC and SCAL.

With them, I was able to take my friends stamps turn them into SVG so that she didn’t have to try to get a nice border around the edge when cuttig the stamp out. I also used it to make an SVG of my own hand writing. I’ve also used it to make an SVG of the KC Chiefs emblem for a cake (using the Cricut cake).

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I am looking into buying a Cricut machine. Which one would you suggest?

Question by Yani20: I am looking into buying a Cricut machine. Which one would you suggest?
I love to scrapbook. I’m crafty
but I do that on my free time. So I don’t think that I want to spend 200+ on it. I was thinking about the mini but I don’t know much about this machine. Help.

Best answer:

Answer by drip
My sister teaches classes for the Cricut and Gypsy. The Cricut has a learning curve to it. Do not expect to take it out of the box and start scraping. You are going to have to sit and practice on it. Imhighly suggest trying it out at a scrapbook store before you buy it.

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Cricut Machine and Design Studio?

Question by Nerissa: Cricut Machine and Design Studio?
I am planning to get a Cricut machine and I had a quick question. I’ve looked and looked on the internet but can’t seem to find the answers I’m looking for. I know you can use the images on the different cartridges but I am wondering if you can use images from the internet or images from your computer files and cut them as well. For example, my mother owns her own business and has been wanting to get a vinyl decal done. Would I be able to somehow cut her business logo to make a vinyl decal for her car? Could I download her logo from her website or maybe scan the logo into my computer and then get the Cricut to cut it? Like I said, I don’t have a Cricut yet so I am ignorant to the whole thing so I’m not sure if I can do that with the Cricut or with the Design Studio software. I’m not sure if that’s what the Design Studio is used for or not, everything I can find just says it’s for resizing and for using multiple cartridges on one design. If anyone could help me out and give me some insight I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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What exactly are cricut cartridges?

Question by Hannah: What exactly are cricut cartridges?
Im looking in to a Cricut expression. People are saying that the cartridges are needed for the machine and are one of he most important part. What are cartridges and what do they do? Can i still cut out letters with out cartridges? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by lindas_98126
A Cricut cartridge is basically the most important piece of the Cricut when cutting a form out. Without a cartridge you can not cut anything! Cricut cartridges contain all of the information needed to cut something out on the Cricut machine. A Cricut cartridge can be used on any Cricut machine. They can be purchased online or at crft stores. The Cricut cartridge simply plugs into the Cricut machine.

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Which Cricut Machine Should I Get?

Question by Anne S: Which Cricut Machine Should I Get?
I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Cricut machines and I would really like to purchase one, however, I am unsure of which one I should buy. Firstly, I am not 100% sure what all they can do, but I do like to do a lot of scrap booking and would maybe like to get into making cards. What exactly can these machines do? I heard it would probably be better to get the bigger size because I wouldn’t be limited. Also, can someone explain the cartridges to me? And where should I purchase my machine?

Best answer:

Answer by grannysue
If you like to do scrap booking, the Cricut Expression or larger would be great for you. Here is a link to the official site where there are videos that show how it is used and more..

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