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Cricut Design Studio: 7 Things Every Beginner Needs to Know

You finally purchased the  Cricut Design Studio software. Most likely your next question is, “Now what do I do?” Here are seven things you need to know  to jump start your learning of the program.

You can design with all of the cartridges, but you can only cut with the ones you have. Cricut Design Studio has every available cartridge loaded into the program. You can create all kinds of cutting files with any cartridge they offer. While that is fun for experimenting, just remember that when you go to cut the Cricut will ask you to load the specific cartridge used.

You can use more than one cartridge in a cutting. The options are endless. Bring letters and images from any cartridge into the cutting you are designing. When you are ready to cut, the Cricut will ask you to load each cartridge you used.

Connecting letters together to form one cutting is reffered to as welding. In order to weld letters together it is important to remember to check the welding box for each individual letter or image. Another interesting tidbit about welding is that it removes any scorelines on the image.

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Cricut 29-0270 12-by-24-Inch Adhesive Cutting Mat, Set of 2

Cricut 29-0270 12-by-24-Inch Adhesive Cutting Mat, Set of 2

Designed exclusively for use with the Cricut Expression cutting machine, this set of two adhesive pads comes in handy when creating intricate paper crafts. The cutting mats feature printed rulers and markings, as well as a tacky surface that gently adheres to paper to ensure smooth and accurate cuts without tearing. Using both mats allows for cutting one item while working on another. The self-sticking pads can also be used for storing the paper or vinyl that has already been cut. The reusable mats measure 12 by 24 inches each and last for 25 to 40 full mat cuts depending on the paper used.

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Cricut Supplies

Buying Cricut Supplies is a fun part of owning a Cricut Expression. Making your projects is the best part…but shopping for fun new tools and cartridges is easily second.

There are many places where you can buy Cricut Supplies. Provo Craft has their own website and it’s at Cricut.com. There you will find:

So what kind of Cricut Supplies are there for you to buy? Let’s start with the cartridges. There are almost eighty cartridges! There are font cartridges and shapes of all kinds. Do you love Disney? They have a whole bunch of Dinsey character cartridges to choose from. Looking for just the right frilly font for a special scrap book you are making? They have them!

There are more Cricut Supplies in every corner of their website. There is a special category for consumables. You will find in this section of their website things like specially sized paper of all colors and hues. They also carry vinyl. Using vinyl you can create projects that can be transferred to your walls or even the back window of your car.

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Cricut Design Studio: the Cricut User’s Must-have Tool

Many crafting enthusiasts have fallen in love with their personal electronic diecut machine, the Cricut.  A new addition to the already popular product is the development of  a software program created just for Cricut users.

Cricut Design Studio is a computer software program created by Provocraft, the designers of the Cricut machine. While the machine itself allows the user to cut various shapes and fonts in a rage of sizes, the Cricut Design Studio takes it to a whole new level. Simply connect the Cricut to the computer via a USB port, install the software, and unleash a whole new dimension of crafting.

The main benefit of the Cricut Design Studio is the ability for users to weld, or connect letters together to form a single cutting. Gone are the days of gluing each letter one at a time. Now letters, phrases, and shapes can be welded together before cutting making it faster and easier than ever to add cuttings to projects.

Another benefit of the Cricut Design Studio is that the shapes and letters can be manipulated extensively before cutting. Users are no longer limited to only adjusting the size, but can now change the shape properties to better support their overall design. Each image can be stretched, slanted and flipped to get the exact look the crafter is needing.

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