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Cricut Cartridges Home Décor Secrets

Have you ever wished that you could spruce up your home décor, but you didn’t know how to get started? Have you wanted to add personal touches to your décor so that your personal style shows through the design? The answer may be far simpler than you could have imagined.
Using your Cricut system to help you with your décor may not have been your first instinct; after all, the Cricut system is die cut making for scrapbooking and paper crafts, right? What if you could use your Cricut for more than paper crafts, though? What if you could use your Cricut machine to jumpstart a home décor that is personal, sophisticated, and beautiful? With Cricut cartridges, home décor can be transformed beautifully and simply.
Cricut Cartridges Home Décor Ideas- Kids’ Rooms
Have your children expressed the desire to decorate their room? It’s tough to make that call, because you want them to be able to express themselves with their décor, but you don’t want to have to start over each time they change their minds about what kind of room they want to have. Well, with Cricut Cartridges, Home Décor is much simpler.
Did you know that you can actually use your Cricut machine to cut images onto window cling material? Let your child choose the Cricut cartridge that they want, and dial up the size so that it will be proportionate to the design. Let the Cricut cut the images your child wants to have onto the window cling material. Have their room painted a muted, neutral color and use the window clings to spice up their design.
The added bonus is that your child can change up her design anytime she wants by rearranging the clings around her room. If she decides that, after awhile, the design isn’t right for her, you can show her the Cricut Cartridges again and let her choose away!
3 Cricut Cartridges Home Décor Ideas- Throughout the House
Have you walked into a home that displays inspirational words and phrases above doorways, on stairs, or on placards throughout their home? It seems that those homes offer a cozy, personal feel. Let Cricut help you to create that same ambiance in your home.
Look through your Cricut Cartridges and find a font that will complement your design choice. Warning: Choosing just one font may prove very difficult, as there are so many beautiful fonts to choose from! Adjust the size on the dial to match the size of the words you want to have. Now, you have several choice options:
1. You can choose to let your Cricut die cuts serve as stencils. You can even turn this into a fun family experience by allowing the whole family to help stencil the inspirational words.
2. You can choose to use the window clings to create the words and phrases. This way, you can change them out as often as you want to, creating a conversation piece for guests.
3. You can use fabric such as felt or velvet for the letters, creating a warmer, cozier feeling with the words.
4. You can choose to stencil the words or phrases onto a painted surface, such as the backs of chairs, a wood placard, or the kitchen table. This creates a relaxed, “home-y” feel to your décor.

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Awesome Cricut Projects You Never Thought You Could Make

Cricut Projects That Will Amaze….
Have you ever looked at finished Scrapbooking and paper craft projects and thought that you couldn’t possibly make something that creative? Have you ever wished that you could tap into your hidden creative side to be inspired to complete a beautiful project?
I often want to design and make beautiful cards, scrapbook layouts, and crafts that will amaze my friends, but I fall short on creativity and inspiration. Fortunately for me, Provo Craft invented Cricut, the solution to the creatively-challenged would-be crafters.
Cricut is an innovative die cut maker that simplifies the process of using die cuts for Cricut projects. With the help of Cricut, you can design and create Cricut projects you can be proud of.
How Can Cricut Help Me to Make Impressive Cricut Projects?
Okay, so how can Cricut help you to be creative? After all, it’s just a die cut machine, right? Well, yes and no. Cricut is a machine that makes die cuts; however, Cricut differs from a simple die cutter by theme-ing their cartridges. Themed cartridges allow you to take a simple idea and build upon it by using coordinating die cuts to make Cricut projects that will never fail to impress.
It’s simple to use the cartridges to help you to shape and add dimension to your simple idea, transforming it into a creative, unique Cricut project. When your friends brag on your new creative abilities, you will have a tough time choosing between taking the credit gracefully and secretively or proudly boasting about Cricut and what it’s done for you.
Where Do I Begin with a Cricut Project?
The first thing you should do before you begin your Cricut project is to answer a few simple questions:
• What is the focus of this project?
• Who is the audience for this project?
• What is this project’s theme?
Let me take you through this process. Let’s say that I’m hosting a birthday party for a toddler, and the theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I want to create little takeaways for the toddler’s friends using Cricut. I’ve answered my three questions:
• The focus of the project is takeaways for the guests.
• The audience is toddlers (and their parents, if I’m honest!)
• The theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
The first thing I want to do is to take a look at the available Mickey Mouse Cricut Cartridges- doing that will help me to get inspiration for my project. I go to the internet and see that there’s a Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge with all of the main Mickey and Friends characters. I realize that each character has several different die cuts along with several houses and stores that Mickey visits.
I realize that I can create unique takeaways by using a simple oriental take-out box (unused, of course) and putting a character on each one. With the embellishments, I can create unique treat takeaways for far less than I would have spent at a party supply store, and the finished Cricut project will be something that I will be proud of.

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Cricut How To: Amazing Creations

Cricut How To
Would you love to create custom scrapbooking layouts or paper crafts? Do you ever wish that you could cut any shape you wanted to and not be bound by the limitations and problems that accompany using punches?

Look no further; the Cricut (pronounced “cricket”) is a revolutionary personal cutting machine, brought to you by the innovators and paper crafting leaders at Provo Craft. The Cricut does not require a computer or any additional hardware, but instead makes use of cartridges to give you abundant choices of die cut shapes and fonts.

The Cricut machine is growing in popularity, but perhaps you are in need of a little Cricut how-to. The Cricut, although complex in its creative possibilities, is a simple machine to use, and a little Cricut how to will certainly go a long way!

Cricut How-To
Our Cricut how to will begin with a basic run-down of how the machine works. The Cricut cutting machine is a portable unit that will conveniently plug into any grounded 110 wall outlet, which is the standard for household outlets.

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