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Childrens Cricut Cartridges

When it comes to making greeting cards, party invitations and thank you letters there is nothing better than using a Cricut machine.

When you buy the additional affordable cartridges it makes creating a greeting card very fun. You can actually create birthday cards for teenage girls when you purchase the affordable Hannah Montana Cartridge.

When you are using this cartridge you literally have a free backstage pass to the Hannah Montana set with the Disney© Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge! The possibilities for projects using this amazing cartridge are absolutely endless and little girls will enjoy making greeting cards for there friend’s birthday party’s so much.

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A home decor project using the Cricut Expression

I have heard that well-known crafter and author Mark Montano has been using and writing about the Cricut Expression machine and the value it brings to his projects. I found his blog where he talks about how he used the Cricut Expression to take a recent home décor project to new heights of creativity.

This project is a Faux Wood Intarsia Headboard, made with various techniques, including the Cricut Expression. Below is an excerpt from his Blog post:

I’ve discovered a lot about myself while making this project. Yes, crafting is all about self-exploration, and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. For those of you who know how I craft, I have to say that, with the exception of my Dremel, I’m not really a “machine” kind of crafter. I am an old school, make-it-work-with-whatever-is-under-the-kitchen-sink kind of guy. However, I recently discovered something that made this project sing, and I must write about. It’s called the Cricut Expression. I swear I’m not paid by this company; in fact, I have recently started stalking them and I’m sure they will be filing a restraining order any day now. My goal (if they don’t throw my crafty butt in jail) is to be their one and only spokes-crafter.

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Cricut Paper Saving Tip

Paper Saving Tip

cricut create machineA lot of us want to know the dimensions of a shape before cutting it out. For instance, if you set the size dial at 3 inches, you can be sure that the shape will be 3 inches. However, does that mean that the shape will be 3 inches wide or does it mean the shape will be 3 inches long? To get around this issue, some have cut out each shape in each size and saved it in a book for future reference. This can be fun, but it is not necessary.

If you want to avoid wasting expensive paper, it is wise to know the orientation of the shape you desire to cut out and what its dimensions will be. To avoid an unexpected outcome, try cutting an “air shape” before you cut the actual shape on the paper of your choice. Here’s how to do this:

1. Set the blade depth to 1.
2. Set the pressure dial to 1.

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Hello Cricut Compatriots!

Welcome to my Blog!

Here I will be sharing what I learn and like (as well as if I don’t like something) about anything and everything Cricut!

I just started this project, so bear with me while I fill it in with more pages of comments and ideas.

Feel free to comment on anything I say, let me know how you use your Cricut, anything you don’t like, etc….