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Cricut Explore One Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle

Cricut Explore One Electronic Cutting Machine Bundle

  • Electronic cutting machine for DIY crafts and projects
  • Design here, there and everywhere with free cloud-based apps for PC, Mac, ipad, and iphone
  • Upload and cut your own images free
  • Cut a wide variety of materials from paper to iron-on to adhesive vinyl-even leather!
  • Bundle includes the Cricut explore one machine; Cricut tools scraper & spatula; and Cricut 12" x 24" Standard Grip adhesive cutting mat, 2-pack
Expand your creative possibilities! value-priced bundle: Cricut explore one machine; Cricut tools scraper & spatula; and Cricut 12" x 24" Standard Grip cutting mat, 2-pack.


Cricut Vinyl, Gold

  • One 12" x 48" roll Circuit vinyl in gold (metallic)
  • Complete application instructions
  • Coupon for $5.00 Off a purchase of Circuit digital images of $9.99 Or more
Circuit Vinyl makes it easy to personalize your home with quotes, window decals, and removable labels. You can even customize personal belongings such as media covers, car windows, and notebooks. Each package comes with one 12" x 48" vinyl roll and is available in a variety of colors. Circuit Transfer Tape makes applying the vinyl a cinch. Circuit Vinyl is easily removed, making it convenient to change things up. You can even decorate your walls for each coming holiday. With our large variety of

List Price: $ 6.99 Price: $ 4.19

Cricut Explore Cutting System with Anna Griffin Design Content

Cricut Explore Cutting System with Anna Griffin Design Content

  • Cricut Explore Air system
  • Cricut Design Space cloud-based design software and available iPad app (iPad app available separately via the Apple app store
  • Cricut Design Space 2-week trial subscription
  • Easy to use Just plug your Explore in, connect it to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and go to the Cricut website
  • Precision cutting Cuts basic shapes as small as 1/4" and up to 1/2" smaller than the size of your cutting mat
Cricut Explore Air Die-Cutting Machine with Anna Griffin Design Content Your ideas are a breath of fresh air. Turning them into amazing works of art is a breeze with this electronic cutting machine. Design your own images or access thousands from Cricut's Design Space to make everything from home decor to scrapbook layouts to party favors. Embedded Bluetooth lets you connect your computer or iPad to the Cricut wirelessly, because inspiration can strike anywhere. Creativity is in the Air. What Yo

List Price: $ 325.99 Price: $ 325.99

More Cricut Design Products

Portable Stand-alone Cutting Machine – The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

The Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter is a must-have machine for anyone who considers themselves a serious home handicrafter. Forget scissors and stencils, forget complicated equipment and software – the Cricut range of cutting machines is designed to automate some of the fiddlier cutting jobs whilst keeping the fun in your craft – all from compact and portable machines that are light enough to be carried with you wherever you need to take them. These are truly revolutionary devices, with all of the technology packed on-board, meaning that theres no need to attach them to a computer in order to realise your designs. Read on to find out more about the full product set from the Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter range, including how they work and what are the key differences between the models.

The primary thing to note is that the machines essentially operate using the same basic principle. Since there is no PC involved on which to store information about the cutting shapes and designs, the Cricut cutting machines use special Cricut cartridges, each of which houses a set of such designs. To find the design you’re looing for, you simply purchase the appropriate Cricut cartridge from the range – for example there are cartridges with an animal kingdom theme, or a winter woodland theme, or a Toy Story theme, or a soccer theme, to name but a tiny fraction of them. Now there are probably going on five hundred themed cartridges for any occasion you care to think of. Included in your Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter pack will be your first one or two cartridges, which will usually be basic fonts and suchlike. You can also buy packages where a couple of extra cartridges are included, at a reduced price. Thereafter, you need to buy additional cartridges as and when you need them. The cost of cartridges can really add up, and I recommend you try to expand your selection slowly as you go on, and make the most of the ones you have at any given time.

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Cricut’s Expression Die Cutting Machine A Good Help For Your Scrapbook Needs

Scrapbooking is a wonderful creative, artistic and therapeutic craft that allows you to keep all of your memories for your loved ones to cherish, or for yourself to remember for years to come. Your family can have an insight into your life when browsing your scrapbooking albums which can be filled with memories of your life in the form of photographs, memorabilia from holidays and memorable events and other embellishments, presented along with the story.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful therapeutic hobby, that many have taken to a new level, so that each of their pages, becomes a project and challenge to make into a form of artwork, demonstrating their skill and craftiness. One of the best ways to achieve the best quality and unique pages is by cutting titles using a Scrapbooking die cutting machines. They have been a revolution in the scrapbooking world, enabling their uses to cut titles and die cuts from various materials and in every font and shape imaginable.

There are two general types of die cut machines including the electronic version and the manual versions. The Cricut range of cutting machines from Provo Craft, are the most popular and well known in the electronic cutting machine range. Cricut innovated a lot of the electronic machines market by introducing a machine that could cut automatically and also not needing to be attached to a computer.

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The Provo Craft Cricut Expression Machine Leads the Way in Scrapbooking Die Cutting

Scrapbooking is the process of collating all of your memories whether it be from photographs, memorabilia, brochures, lockets of hair etc, into an album, along with a story, so that in many years to come, you or others can look back on the album and reflect on the wonderful occasions and relive the memories.

Scrapbooking has become and art form where many now collect scrapbooking tools and make their pages a great piece of artwork. Scrapbooking die cutting machines are now one of the popular machines available to the scrapbooking and craft world, which enables you to embellish your page with shapes and letters cut from various forms of material.

Electronic and manual types of die cut machines exist and one of the most popular today is the Cricut range of machines by Provo Craft. Cricut was the innovator of scrapbooking die cut machines that could cut letters and shapes electronically and they stand out as being one of the machines that works on cartridges, so does not need to be attached to a computer.

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