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Craft Vinyl Decorating Ideas Gifts Home Decor and Money Making Tips Galore: How to Master Your Cricut Machine Reviews

Craft Vinyl Decorating Ideas Gifts Home Decor and Money Making Tips Galore: How to Master Your Cricut Machine

Craft Vinyl Decorating Ideas Gifts Home Decor and Money Making Tips Galore

Are you looking for unique home décor ideas to fit every budget? Are you tired of decorating the same old boring items? Have you searched endlessly for handmade gift suggestions for everyone on your list? Want to learn how to get your craft supplies for free and make your hobby pay for itself?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this craft vinyl home decorating ideas book is just wha


The Cricut Cake: Decorating Has Never Been So Fun!

I have been a fan of cakes my whole life. Every once in a while a friendly debate will surface as to which is better, cake or pie. Granted, a tender flaky crust holding a juicy fruity filling is a grand dessert experience, for sure. But my all-time favorite, hands down, no doubt about it, is a piece of cake.

My mother was a baker extraordinaire. Among all her innumerable creative talents, she had the ability to turn out fabulous cakes that not only tasted divine, but looked heavenly as well. With the utmost of care, she would work her magic in royal icing and butter cream. Delicately petalled and tinted flowers with graceful leaves and stems grew from the creamy surfaces of her cakes. Delightful sugary creations of all sorts adorned her cake celebrations. She could make Christmas poinsettias so real looking you’d have to look twice. Her cakes made every celebration special.

My creative skills took different directions from those of my mother, and cake decorating was no different. My best decorating took place using the little pre-fab decoration kits that you bought in the sugar aisle of the grocery store. You had to soak the backing to loosen the decorations from the cardboard. Too much soaking and the sugary pieces would melt into misshapen messes. Too little soaking and a layer of paper would stay attached to the base of the piece. In the end, I would have a generic design with little hard frosting candle holders scattered around the letters that spelled out the birthday or  holiday. That was the most intricate decorating I came up with back in the day.

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Have You ever used a Professional Airbrush cake decorating machine before?

Question by Sabrina B: Have You ever used a Professional Airbrush cake decorating machine before?
And If so did you like it, I was looking at different Machines and the prices of them and I wanted to know if they are worth it, Also have you ever used the Cricut cake machine and if so did you like it ? thanks !

Best answer:

Answer by Emu
I use a Professional Airbrush cake decorating gun 5 days a week at work. I have been doing this for 20 years. It would be very difficult for me to decorate without one. I use it on almost every cake I decorate. I have always used the Kopy Kake airbrushes and they work just fine for me. There are more expensive sets which get finer detail work and if that is the type of decorating you do then you would need to consider that. It would not be worth the extra money to me as I use the gun mostly for shading or background work.
I have never used the Cricut cake machine….it seems more like crafts to me than cake decorating. I just can’t see cutting out a piece of fondant which someone else designed and sticking it on a cake. Coming up with original ideas which are mine and mine alone is the reason I love decorating cakes.
I have heard others talk about the Cricut and some like it and a lot have problems with it…sorry I can’t help you any more on that.

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Decorating the Nursery

Hi everyone! Ginger here with another idea for baby week on the Cricut blog. This theme came along with perfect timing for me as I am just finishing up decorating the nursery for our soon to be little girl. At this point most of the decorating is done, however I was noticing that there was an area under a large shelf in the nursery that was looking kind of bare. I thought it would be fun to put up a few vinyl clings underneath it to fill the spare out but was having trouble finding pre-made vinyl decals that matched the colors of the nursery. That’s when I thought about making my own with Cricut Imagine White Printable Vinyl and my Cricut Imagine machine.

I printed and cut out three tall flowers, a turtle, a frog, and a butterfly to match some of the other decor in the room. Thanks to the nature of the vinyl sticking the layers to each other and then adding them to the wall was super easy. The vinyl is repositionable so it was easy for me to make little adjustments in placement as I added them to the wall.

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