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Cricut Expression 2 Help!?

Question by avscrisostomo: Cricut Expression 2 Help!?
I recently received a Cricut Expression 2 (CE2). I have been looking for answers to my questions on other websites but am having a little bit of difficulty. Hopefully I chose the right topic and someone here can help me with these. =) Thanks in advance!

1. Do all cartridges work with the CE2, or do I have to look for cartridges specifically made to work with my machine?
2. If I download digital designs from the website, can I download them from my computer into my CE2 or do I have to download them directly to my machine?
3. My CE2 picked up that we have a WiFi signal in our home but said I need to purchase an additional adapter to have it access WiFi (I’m assuming this is where we would download the digital designs). I haven’t seemed to be able to find this device on the Cricut website. Am I mistaken?

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