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Gypsy Handheld Design Studio for Cricut with 39 Pre-loaded Cartridges Reviews

Gypsy Design Studio for Cricut

  • 36 plus pre-loaded cartages
  • Includes everything for on the go, sleeve, stylus & case!
  • Everything to jump start your collection
At a party? On the road? Just thought of a new design idea and you're away from home? Pull out your Cricut Gypsy and design away! And when you're ready to cut your projects, simply connect to your Cricut and press a button. It's that easy! Gypsy, the handheld design studio for Cricut, lets you escape and design anywhere. Gypsy stores Cricut cartridges and offers a wealth of design features you know and love - all in the palm of your hand. Gypsy includes 2 Exclusive Pre-Loaded Cartridges: Gypsy F


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The Roving Cricut Gypsy

The Provo Cricut blogosphere has been buzzing recently, with news of the latest addition to the Cricut family – the Cricut Gypsy. The marketing gurus at Provocraft succeeded admirably in stoking up this excitement with a clever social media campaign, including a YouTube video of bounty hunter Donnie K. hot on the trail of ten test units that some rogue Cricutters “accidentally” failed to return.

But beyond the internet bally-hoo, what does the Cricut Gypsy actually have to offer?

Well, first of all, as it’s name implies, the Gypsy is a portable device. You really can create art projects on the move, something which the current range of Cricut machines don’t allow you to do so easily. It measures 8″ x 3″ x 1.5″ and weighs just 11 ounces. It’s the palmtop PDA of scrapbooking.

As well as being physically portable, the Cricut Gypsy is functionally portable too. It’s fully compatible with every other Cricut machine and cartridge, and it has a very impressive storage capacity – something like 4000 cartridges and 10,000 plus designs. The beauty of it is that you don’t need a computer to use it. So if you find yourself in one of those places which has no PC access (and there are a few left on Planet Earth, believe it or not!), you can still scrapbook to your heart’s content.

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Expand Your Creative Capabilities With the Cricut Gypsy

Provo Craft, the company that brought us the most popular line of die cut machines, has once again astounded the scrapbooking and paper crafting community with the release of the new Cricut Gypsy.

This handheld gadget gives crafters the ability to take their projects on the road. It is similar to the Design Studio software, which allows scrapbookers and paper crafters to modify their die cuts before making them, including the ability to resize, flip or rotate, stretch, or weld the die cuts.

However, unlike the Design Studio Software, you won’t have to be tied down to your computer to customize your cutouts. The Cricut Gypsy is a small handheld device that operates on either batteries or electrical power. Due to its small size, it will easily fit inside a purse, and is perfect to use while waiting at the doctor’s office or sitting on an airplane.

To make cutouts with it, you will need to load your Cricut cartridge contents into the Gypsy. Before its release, there were rumors floating around that by loading the contents into this gadget, your cartridges would be erased. Luckily, this is simply not true.

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The Complete Gypsy Cricut Machine For The Serious Scrapbooking Enthusiast.


The Gypsy Cricut is the brand name for the personal electronic machine that cuts materials for the Scrapbooking enthusiast, including much more, would also come in handy if you are in to decoupage.
With a Cricut machine, you are only limited by your imagination; you can store 1000s upon 1000s of images on to your Cricut machine, which come in the form of cartridges also known as bundles.
These cartridges come with numerous built-in, ready made templates, for various projects of varying sizes, these machines are very easy to use, you can either choose your designs from the cartridge or if you are feeling adventurous, can be custom made, by using Cricuts Custom Design Studio, to allow you to take your projects to a much higher level, to do this you would need use of a computer.
With The Cricut Package You Get The Following Items:
· The Cricut Machine itself ~ This is the tool that does the actual cutting
· Gypsy Cricut is the whole library on cartridge in one go, and is a device which is held in the palm of your hand, and features the whole Cricut Design Studio
· To use the custom Design Studio, you will need use of a computer for this, and can also be used to explore, design and cut the complete cartridge library.
· You also have the option to save your designs for future requirements, it is very easy to edit a Cricut Design.
· Cuttlebug is a dye embossing and cutting system, and contains varying styles and sizes, for you paper-crafting needs, home decorating, home projects, school and event projects, all the designs are made by leading artists, that give you crisp dye cuts each and every time. The Cuttlebug, features professional embossing for folders, with varying dimensions and textures, which make this a very attractive and professional system.
· Cricut Cake is a machine that is optional, and is used for designer confectionaries, like cakes and cup cakes, including whatever your imagination lets you run with, and all done in no time at all.
The Cricut Cake decorating tools just got a lot easier, and is designed with food safety in mind, by using ‘Food Safe Plastic and the use of stainless steal to decorate cakes, candy and cookies, just like a professional baker would use, no one would know any difference.
It uses all the regular cartridges, including the all new Cricut Cake Cartridges, simply choose the shape and design including size of your design project, then press and cut within minutes, your fondant decorations, are all ready to be applied to any desert, you definitely do not need to be a professional caterer to do this, like everybody else, we all have to start somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be at the beginning

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The Gypsy Cricut And Scrapbooking

If you are Scrapbooking, then you need Gypsy Cricut, either at home or on the move, as it is mobile. The Gypsy Cricut offers you in my opinion, the best of both worlds in Scrapbooking, the size can be very deceiving as it comes with a large capacity for allowing your creative juices to flow.
Although this device is relatively small, the Gypsy Cricut can store well over 10,000 designs on the Cricut Cartridges, and the beauty of this is that you can be scrapbooking while on the move taking your Scrapbook with you.
This device can also be plugged in to your computer via a USB cable, and works just as well while being used by itself; a computer is definitely not needed, and is not a requirement.
I would definitely recommend purchasing the Gypsy Cricut Bundles that are available, that come with all the tools you will need to work with the Gypsy in a more efficient manner.
You are provided with a stylus for the touch screen technology including a protective cover, an AC Adaptor for the car to keep you fully charged while on the go, including full instructions and a carry bag to keep everything together.
The Gypsy comes with a 6-month Guarantee, which gives you peace of mind, especially if you are passionate about what you do. When creating your designs, you are able to view your designs before going on to finalising what it is that you have created, before going live as it were. Everything can be found quite easily with the easy to use search function.
Available on the market also is the Cricut Design Studio Software on your computer, which comes with a variety of functions. The Gypsy Cricut as sufficient memory space not only for thousands of patterns and designs, but for storing your Cricut manual should you needs to refer to it at any time.
This portable device weighs in at just under 1lb, and is only 8 inches long, small but powerful, once the battery is fully charged it as a continuous use of up to 4 hours, which is more than enough time to crack on with a project or two, and up to 18 hours when not used continuously.
Working with the machine is very easy, it gives you several options to either weld, stretch, rotate, slant and size, and any design once again can be previewed. The machine does come preloaded with two content cartridges and is compatible with other Cricut Machine Cartridges including with the basic machine itself.
Because the machine comes with a stylus, this makes the touch screen much more user friendly including ease of use, and allows navigating while creating a design.
The price is around $ 200 to $ 300 USD, but is worth every cent for not only ease of use but for its size, being small while at the same time very powerful, with excellent memory capabilities.
Don’t just stick with what you have got, try and be more creative, as there are tons of cartridge choices out their for the Scrapbooking enthusiast.
The Gypsy Cricut comes as a bundle with everything that you need to get you started, including all of the cables that keep you charged and connected to your computer if you choose to do so.

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