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Handy Cricut Cartridges ?

Question by Danielle Read: Handy Cricut Cartridges ?
Hi guys, so I am looking for the Cricut cartridge that has it all. I mainly make birthday cards so I am looking for a cartridge with boys and girls related images, that could be used on a birthday card. My customers usually ask for card for OLDER birthdays so – middle aged people, I guess. I need to find images that appeal to all ages. No to baby – iss though. BTW I already have create a critter…. <3

Best answer:

Answer by ╊━━ 丂んムズイノ 丂ム尺ᄊ乇リム イん乇 ワ尺乇乇刀 ワロ乇イノム ━━╉
I would say that you can find that kind of images more likely in Google or other similar sites… There are actually more than just an idea for your card… You should take the photo of your family member and then, try to draw ’em!

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