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Cricut’s Expression Die Cutting Machine A Good Help For Your Scrapbook Needs

Scrapbooking is a wonderful creative, artistic and therapeutic craft that allows you to keep all of your memories for your loved ones to cherish, or for yourself to remember for years to come. Your family can have an insight into your life when browsing your scrapbooking albums which can be filled with memories of your life in the form of photographs, memorabilia from holidays and memorable events and other embellishments, presented along with the story.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful therapeutic hobby, that many have taken to a new level, so that each of their pages, becomes a project and challenge to make into a form of artwork, demonstrating their skill and craftiness. One of the best ways to achieve the best quality and unique pages is by cutting titles using a Scrapbooking die cutting machines. They have been a revolution in the scrapbooking world, enabling their uses to cut titles and die cuts from various materials and in every font and shape imaginable.

There are two general types of die cut machines including the electronic version and the manual versions. The Cricut range of cutting machines from Provo Craft, are the most popular and well known in the electronic cutting machine range. Cricut innovated a lot of the electronic machines market by introducing a machine that could cut automatically and also not needing to be attached to a computer.

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Q&A: cricut gypsy help needed!!!!?

Question by [email protected]: cricut gypsy help needed!!!!?
i recently was given a gypsy fro the Cricut machine from my mom,and i can not figure out how to get past the download page it says it is syncing but never gets past that. 🙁 please help

Best answer:

Answer by swtprncess23
Couple questions please: Does it turn off or does it take forever?

If your Gypsy has never been synced before it will take like 20 minutes or more. It will seem frozen but just leave it. There have been a lot of updates since the Gypsy came out.

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Cricut users please help?

Question by Kitty: Cricut users please help?
I just bought a Cricut expression and when i do words i can only do the letters to cut individually. What program do you buy so the words will stay together and not individual

Best answer:

Answer by drip
My sister in law- and her two daughters just sold their Cruicut machines for Silhouette Cameo. So much easier to use, much better at cutting.

I believe the only way you can merge letters is if you buy the Gypsie

You can not merge letters on the Cricut machine itself.

there are plenty of blogs out there on the Cricut. also look for classes. try calling your local scrapbooking stores. and try going to scrapbooking expos

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Q&A: Help with my cricut mini?!?

Question by Kari Noel: Help with my cricut mini?!?
Okay I recently bought a Cricut mini and haven’t had a lot of time to try to figure it out so I need help.. first off, I can’t get it to cut right… I line things up on the screen where I want them on the cutting mat and it completely cuts off the mat so I can’t get that to work and also can I buy some kind of software online to use different cartridges? Or download cartridges straight to the program it came with or do I have to buy the cartridges to go w them???? Someone please explain this thing to me

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Cricut Expression 2 Help!?

Question by avscrisostomo: Cricut Expression 2 Help!?
I recently received a Cricut Expression 2 (CE2). I have been looking for answers to my questions on other websites but am having a little bit of difficulty. Hopefully I chose the right topic and someone here can help me with these. =) Thanks in advance!

1. Do all cartridges work with the CE2, or do I have to look for cartridges specifically made to work with my machine?
2. If I download digital designs from the website, can I download them from my computer into my CE2 or do I have to download them directly to my machine?
3. My CE2 picked up that we have a WiFi signal in our home but said I need to purchase an additional adapter to have it access WiFi (I’m assuming this is where we would download the digital designs). I haven’t seemed to be able to find this device on the Cricut website. Am I mistaken?

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