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Cricut Machines Can Make Personalised Creative Crafts Easy

When it comes to home-made decorations or scrapbooking for a special occasion such as an eighteenth birthday or a wedding; drawing, cutting, colouring and creating shapes or images can often take up a large amount of your time, especially if you are a perfectionist. However, there are now a great deal of tools out there in the market, which are quicker than the traditional methods of using scissors or trimmers but can still enable you to concentrate on your hand crafting creativity by keeping your personal touch.

The Cricut Create machines made by Provo Craft are one of most popular arts and crafts cutting machines, these machines with advance and precise cutting technology will help you create an array of various designs, images and shapes for various projects. They come in different models, each with different features and a wide selection of cartridges designed by top designers with various themes to choose from. Lets take a look at the features of the different Cricut Create machines:

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Ways to Find Cheap Cricut Machines and Discount Cartridges

Have you ever bought Cricut Machines and Cartridges at a low price? You can do it if you don’t shop around. If the price is holding you back, then rest assured we can share with you some ways to find great discounts and sales.

‘The Cricut Expression machine, and the original are both a dream come true for scrapbook enthusiasts and paper craft lovers. You can make, print, and die cut almost any shape you can think of simply and easily. Just push a button and watch it work, no computer required. Scrapbook designs, custom greeting cards, party decorations, and more are made simple, easy, and quick with Provo Craft’s new machine. With over 55 Cricut Cartridges to choose from, there’s no shortage of project ideas you could invent.

The one downside to these machines is the price tag. They save you both time and money, but to start out they carry a hefty price of $ 299 for the Personal Cricut Cutting Machine and around $ 499 for the larger Expression machine. This is a hit on anybodies pocket book.

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The Best Die Cutters Are Cricut Machines

A Cricut machine does not require a computer interface. The Cricut die cutters are free standing machines that produce precision cut designs in card stock paper. These Cricut die cutters are wildly popular among paper crafters and scrap book artists. Various designs are selected by cartridges to allow scrapbookers and artists to create designs within a selected theme.

There are three different Cricut machines available on the market. The most popular is the Cricut Expression. Other models include the Cricut and the Cricut Create. These machines all offer several cartridge designs including cutouts for all 50 states in the U.S. and die cuts for wedding themed items.

The Cricut personal electronic cutter typically comes with the George cartridge. This cartridge offers a full array of fonts and basic shapes to get you started. Shapes include blackout, shadow, silhouette, charm, slotted, and sign. These shapes can be accented in 12 different sizes. The whole Cricut personal cutter package typically cost around $ 300.

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Q&A: Difference in Cricut machines?

Question by purple monkey dishwasher: Difference in Cricut machines?
I am looking to buy myself a Cricut machine. Im just wondering what are some of the differences between all the machines out there. Especially between the Cricut Create, Cricut Expression/2, and the Cricut Imagine. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by grannysue
I just went to


to find out about the different machines and it looks like you would have to read each machine’s blip. I did not find a comparison chart. But they have a good sale on a pink colored Expression for $ 179, usuall it is $ 299. and comes with 1 cartridge. I just got am Expression from JoAnn’s for $ 159 on Black Friday, so watch for sales at JoAnn’s and Cricut. eBay has great deals on the cartridges, but be sure to read to comments on sellers who are less than 100% before buying from them.

JoAnn has more machines listed than Cricut right now, so you might be able to learn what it is you seek.

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Cricut Expression or Cricut Create?

Question by Danielle Read: Cricut Expression or Cricut Create?
So I would like a Cricut, but i am not sure which to get out of the Expression or Create. I am new to Cricut Machines and I want one purely for CARDMAKING not scrapbooking !! I need a average size one and as long as the pieces can fit on a normal card, then thats fine…. I would love a Imagine but i dont have the money and there a bit big ! I live in england so if anyone mentions prices make sure there english …..

I am really stuck, so please help me :'(

Thankyou 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by cleversomeday
I am a cardmaker also, but really use the extra width of the expression for cards that fold and for envelopes, etc. I also like the extra width and length for cutting vinyl designs. I am active in many Cricut forums and I can confidently say that most people who buy the smaller Cricuts look forward to upgrading them whereas I can’t think if anyone who regrets starting out with the larger machine.
I can’t say what your costs are there in the UK, but here in the US the larger machines are very reasonably priced now.

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