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Q&A: Questions Regarding Cricut?

Question by Anon Speaker: Questions Regarding Cricut?
I love to scrapbook my vacations and other life events, and I’ve been doing it in my spare time for years. Lately, I have been considering purchasing a Cricut machine. I have some questions because I did not find Cricut’s website very helpful at all; to me, it seemed more focused on pushing all of the cartridges and extra products rather than explaining the various machines or explaining how the whole system “works.” (So please don’t give me a link to Cricut’s website unless you provide the link to a specific page that is helpful.)

1. Is the Cricut Expression 2 the newest machine? (If not, which one is the newest?) Which one (Expression 2 or any) is the best, in your opinion, and why?

2. What else must I buy if I buy the Cricut Expression 2 (or any other machine)? I know there are a million cartridges for sale, and I know I’ll need paper and albums and clear sleeves and all of that. However, I am asking more about things like replacement blades, tools, cutting mats, something called a “spatula tool,” etc.

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