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is the cricut mini worth getting?

Question by Prima Ballerina: is the Cricut mini worth getting?
i’ve always wanted to scrapbook and im finally pursuing it. i wanted something to help make embellishments and do die cuts and i was thinking about getting the Cricut mini. im just a BEGINNER. i dont want to get anything too advanced and not be able to use it. is the cricut mini worth getting, should i just get the Cricut expressions 2, is there a better brand?

Best answer:

Answer by drip
never likes the Cricut. It is not user friendly. takes forever to figure out. Blade is picky, you are constantly fooling with it to get a good cut.
Look in to the Cameo. If that is out of your price range. Try the Sizzix machine.

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Q&A: Help with my cricut mini?!?

Question by Kari Noel: Help with my cricut mini?!?
Okay I recently bought a Cricut mini and haven’t had a lot of time to try to figure it out so I need help.. first off, I can’t get it to cut right… I line things up on the screen where I want them on the cutting mat and it completely cuts off the mat so I can’t get that to work and also can I buy some kind of software online to use different cartridges? Or download cartridges straight to the program it came with or do I have to buy the cartridges to go w them???? Someone please explain this thing to me

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Q&A: Why won’t my Cricut Mini cut?

Question by : Why won’t my Cricut Mini cut?
Ok, so I have an image in my Cricut Craft Room, my Cricut is plugged in, my paper is loaded.
I click cut and the screen pops up, I tell it what kind of paper, click cut again, and then the screen just disappears and my Cricut does not cut.
I’ve tried calling customer service but they are no help at all. 🙁 please help if you know anything about these machines.

Best answer:

Answer by drip
lower your blade
try bring up the imge again, read your screen, get out the instruction book. are you telling it what size to cut
I found the Cricut machines very UN user freindly. I have used my sister in law’s Cricut and it is a pain in the neck to use. very touchy. always making adjustments and ruining paper

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Can you use mini cricut machine without cartridge?

Question by Teresa: Can you use mini cricut machine without cartridge?

Best answer:

Answer by Mommiedearest
Cricut cutting machines work well for making many craft projects, but the cartridges can be expensive. The Cricut machine works without a cartridge if it is attached to a computer with the correct software. as of November 2010, one software program makes the Cricut cartridge free. The program is “Sure Cuts A Lot,” and is available for PC or Mac users. The software costs between $ 65 to $ 120 depending on which package you want and lets you design and print any design on the Cricut.

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