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Which is the best die cut machine?

Question by : Which is the best die cut machine?
I would like to create a picture using a saying by cutting out the sentence. I think I need to use a die cut machine but there are so many on the market I don’t know which is the best one?

Best answer:

Answer by Patrick Z
My mom got a Cricut and my wife was all excited about getting one also, but I saw how expensive the cartridges were and how it would not easily interconnect with our computers. I researched cutters at length and decided on the silhouette cutter instead. It connects via USB to your computer just like a printer does, the software is a free download, and there’s a lot of free patterns available online. I just put the design I want together on the software, send it to my printer first where it’s printed on plain paper along with registration marks in the corners, then I stick the paper to a plastic carrier sheet and put that in the cutter. the cutter reads the registration marks and cuts out the designs. works like a champ, and I don’t have anyone sticking their hand in my wallet beyond the initial purchase. I like that.

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Q&A: Is there a way to use a cricut machine like a printer?

Question by Dee: Is there a way to use a Cricut machine like a printer?
I know a Cricut is a laser cutter but what I am wondering is can I make a template on my computer and have a Cricut machine cut out the letters for me? Or am I only able to use the cartridges available? Is there another machine that would work?

Best answer:

Answer by drip
The Cricut is NOT a laser cutter. It uses a blade. You can ONLY use cartridges with the Cricut. You can not use your own designs on the Cricut.

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