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tattoo softwear?

Question by Mike T: tattoo softwear?
a tattoo artest of mine wants me to find softwear that will take a regular picture and turn it into a tattoo stencel or close to it

Best answer:

Answer by ьο_ғŕд
tattoo stencil ,
Tattoo Tribal Drawing Tool

Coyote Stencil Shop

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How to professionally make a spray paint stencil?

Question by Anthony: How to professionally make a spray paint stencil?
well anyone know how? im tired of using a X-acto to cut out my stencils is there a place where they use a machine to do it for you or something? please help

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
If you did find a place to do it . It will cost you a small fortune. Stick with the x-acto knife ,you are better off.

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